For Goldilocks race directors that find Giveaway options a bit too limiting and the Store a bit too much, we are introducing Add-Ons!

Giveaways are limited to one choice per registrant.  The Store does not ask each participant if they want the item in a multi-participant registration, and has some pretty powerful shipment tracking tools.

Add-Ons have the following nice basic features:

Race Add-Ons
  • There can be multiple Add-Ons
  • They have each have different availability/order dates
  • Simple Description
  • Price (or Free, or even Negative!)
  • Minimum and Maximum Order Quantities

And we have more Advanced Capabilities that it should be legal to offer 

Add-On Advanced Options
  • Mandatory Question or Optional
  • Ask Each Registrant or once for the overall group signing up in one transaction
  • Total Available so you don’t oversell what you don’t have!
  • Availability dates
  • Require selection or not
  • Options (like sizes)
  • Align specific Add-Ons to specific Events (for example the Jacket is only for the Marathon, but the fleece is available for both the Half and Full participants
  • Custom Image
  • Custom Fields – Ask anything you want, and add Help text and set validation (make sure it is a number, or an email address).

We also provide you reports for this information.  The selections are viewable in the Participants Report, as well as a nice graphical report.

Add-Ons Report

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