RunSignup Sales Tax in all 50 States

We are rolling out sales tax collection for the final state – Colorado – today. We had rolled out the other 49 states and the District of Columbia a couple of weeks ago. Colorado posed a bit of a challenge, with their structure as a home rule state.

As a Marketplace, RunSignup is responsible for collecting and remitting in sales tax in Colorado which is a Marketplace State – essentially collecting a sales tax on the sale of tangible personal property like shirts. Because Colorado is a home rule state there are additional complications. Home rules means that various municipalities in Colorado may impose their own rules for what items are taxable and the sales tax rate for those items. However, home rule municipalities do not have Marketplace Laws and because of that RunSignup will not be collecting specific local sales tax for home rule jurisdictions that are not administered by the state. RunSignup will collect the state sales tax for Colorado as well as local taxes that are administered directly by the state. You should check with your sales tax advisor to determine if you owe any additional sales tax for the sale of items in locally administered home rule jurisdictions.

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