Display Registration Dollars in Donation and Fundraising Goals

Your fundraising event can now include registration dollars in donation and fundraising goals. This is a great solution for any nonprofit event that wants to display the event’s combined revenue of registration fees + donations as the amount raised, as well as golf tournaments, stair climbs, and other P2P fundraising events that tend to have a higher registration fee that should count towards the fundraising minimum.

To display registration fees in donation and fundraising goals, navigate to Donations >> Setup >> General Settings. Enable the setting “Count Registrations to Donations”, then click Save.

If your event is only accepting donations (and not fundraising), the donation goal thermometers on the cover page and the Donate page will show All Donations + All Registration Fees.

If your event has also enabled fundraising, registration fees will count towards the individual’s fundraising goal as well as the team’s fundraising goal.

For Peer to Peer Fundraising events that have a fundraising minimum and will auto-charge fundraisers who did not meet the minimum the difference between the minimum and the amount they raised, there is an additional option to count registration dollars towards the fundraising minimum. This means that the amount charged will be Fundraising Minimum – (Donations + Registration Fee).

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