Easier Unknown Read Management and More in RaceDay Scoring v4.0.17!

Feature Updates

Added Unknown Reads Count and shortcut to RaceDashboard.

You will now find an Unknown Reads count on the Dashboard just below the Raw Reads count. This will display a count of unique bib numbers that are unknown, and if you click it it will bring you to the Unknown Reads Resolution area where you can create a new participant record or associate the read with an existing record. This will make it easier to tell if you have unknown reads and makes it faster to resolve them.

Added Crossreference Bib to Raw Reads View when encountering an unknown Chip read.

Added Unassigned Bibs Report to Participants > Actions > Unassigned Bibs

This will display a list of bib ranges that are not assigned in this Race.

Reduced RaceDay Hub Kiosk Report Refresh Interval.

RaceDay Hub Kiosks used to have a hardcoded 15 second refresh interval. We have reduced this to 1s to match the fastest speed that is available for RaceDay Hub Auto-saves. This will make the RaceDay Hub Result windows display results much more quickly.

The warning about the start time not being set has been updated to stop displaying after each auto-save cycle.

We have also updated the logic to only display to the user if the system time is after the estimated start time.

Bug Fixes

Prevented a crash when a Report contains columns that were invalid for the Report Type.

We now warn the user about this instead of crashing.

Fixed a bug causing the Assign Corrals function to not overwrite existing Corral Assignments

Corrected a bug causing the filterer to crash due to an infinite loop when using the Ambiguous Reads selection area.

Prevented a bug with Top Finisher Categories by removing “Scored Event” as an available field in the Participant Filters area.

Since Top Finisher Categories are always associated with a single Scored Event, the ability to filter Top Finisher Categories by Scored Event is not needed. You can use Registration Event to filter by if you want to only score Participants in one of the Registration Events included in this Scored Event.

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