Membership Imports – Manual

We have added manual membership imports (bulk spreadsheet CSV import coming in the next couple of weeks). This allows membership organizations to import memberships and members as well as record offline payments. In addition, it records each import and allows for searching and editing of imports.

When importing new members, select the Membership Level:

In this example, we selected Family Gold, which allows for up to 10 members to be added. The dates are auto populated based on the parameters in the Membership Level selected. In this case, memberships expire at the end of the year, but the start and end dates can be edited. Each member addition looks just like the first shown below. Note that most fields are optional (just first and last name are required, not email address or anything else). Note that you select only 1 primary members (you can change your mind later).

Note you can add minors:

You can also manage Imports after they are completed. This can be done in a variety of ways and from a variety of reports (like Memberships Report). One of the new reports is a list of imports that is on the Import page on the dashboard:

Clicking on an import brings you to the ability to manage that membership. You can see a summary of the members, and have the ability to Edit the membership (for example change the level or dates), edit the member, add a member or delete the membership:

Editing allows you to change who the primary is, delete members and edit the details of a member:

There is account claiming. We try to match information like name and email and offer to claim accounts by members logging in and going to That page is also available from the Profile page of all RunSignup users:

Here is an example of Marlise’s Claim page:

When she claims, she can merge with her account, or as a secondary account (for kids for example):

When you merge with the account, you can pick fields to merge:

Once claimed, the membership is available from the Profile Page:

Clicking on the link above, leads you to a list of a person’s memberships:

The link above leads back to the Member Org Website. If she was the primary contact, she would be able to edit her membership as well.


We are excited to bring this powerful membership product to new customers, and having strong Import capabilities is a cornerstone to that effort.

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