Apple Wallet for Membership and More

We continue to make continuous improvements on our Membership product. The highlight is the Apple Wallet integration:

The Apple Wallet got released yesterday. We now have a standard format for this Apple Wallet code for Memberships that we will be propagating across all of our products. Eventually, this Membership ID code for Apple Wallet (and the QR Code in the confirmation page) will appear and be useful in all these places:

  • Membership Card will have QR Code
  • Membership Profile where members can see their information and make updates will be able to get their Apple Wallet as well as see a Membership card with QR Code
  • Use Membership ID for checkin to races with RaceDay CheckIn
  • Use Membership ID for checkin to Ticket Events
  • Use Membership ID to checkin for things like weekly training runs so the coach can see reports of who showed up
  • Members will be able to easily see all the events they went to

Note that we currently show this on the confirmation page to logged in users due to security issues. When the new self serve membership portal is complete, users will be able to get the Apple Wallet there.

Continuous Improvement of Membership Product

While the Apple Wallet was the recent highlight, we had lots of other progress.

  • Members Only Pages on your website now have a nice message
  • Improved Registration Flow

For logged in Users:

For non-logged in users (these fields will soon be choose-able by the Membership Director)

  • Offline Payments in Membership Report
  • Additional Notifications
  • Fee Transparency Compliance – enabled in CA, MD and NY to comply with state laws to show whole price including processing fees. We will continue to update as new state laws are put in place and if the US government passes the law currently in Congress.

Coming in the Next Couple of Months

We continue to invest a lot of time, energy and mostly talent into our Membership product. Here are the items currently in development:

  • Member Self Serve Portal – here is the design in progress that will allow members to get their cards, make edits, update their renewal settings, etc.
  • Calculated Store Items for Memberships – Part 2/4 – this is being done to support RRCA Membership and Insurance programs but will be widely useful.
  • Add Resend Confirmation Email to Membership Purchase Page
  • Add Member Org Membership Search Link and Website Component
  • Saved/Customized Club Membership Reports
  • Membership V2 – Select Membership Start Date During Registration
  • Domains for Memberships
  • Add manual donation to Member Orgs
  • Membership Org – Membership Discounts Component to show races offering a discount to members

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