A Detailed Look at RaceInsights

We introduced the basics of RaceInsights in this blog; now, we’ll delve deeper into the technology and how you can use it.

The basic theory behind RaceInsights is that race directors (you) need access to the actions behind your race registrations to make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy. You need to know who, when, and how runners are registering for your races to take action based on what is – and isn’t – working. Google Analytics and Business Intelligence tools give you a lot of data, but it’s overly complicated and doesn’t generate insights that are pertinent to the endurance industry. RaceInsights applies robust analytical technology to race registrations to give you the information that you need, without bogging you down in unnecessary data points.

RaceInsights delivers real-time business intelligence capabilities, drill-down reports, and year-to-year analytics across 5 categories to help you make informed and actionable decisions:

  • Overview: Monitor registrations & website traffic to understand what incentives drive race SignUp.
  • Transactions: Generate drill-down revenue reports or compare revenue to past years’ events at similar points in registration cycles.
  • Promotion: Track new vs. repeat participants, your return on investment from referral registrations, and the impact of automated emails.
  • Demographics: Understand who is registering for your races to better target captured market segments. Visualize through dynamic graphs and participant heat maps.
  • Registrations: Determine the key points in participants’ registration process and maximize your visibility at these points through strategic marketing and communication.

You can find RaceInsights on your Race Dashboard (under the Dashboard tab). It will continue to evolve over the coming months as we expand our technology and user experience. Ultimately, RaceInsights will combine advanced analytics and cross-channel marketing capabilities to provide the best marketing, Business Intelligence, CRM, and data management tools in the most deeply integrated platform.


RaceInsights’ Overview page gives you a real-time race snapshot. It displays registrations and pageviews over a selected time period so that you can understand how your marketing strategy correlates with your website traffic and registrations. The custom date range allows you to generate a broad, long-term overview or focus on a specific timeframe.

You can expand referrals to show web sources for registrations and transaction dollars. Built on our robust RunSignup Analytics engive, this functions just like Google Analytics – we track the web referral source of each click on your website and how those clicks convert to registrations and transactions.


In the Transactions section, you can view year-over-year transaction comparisons as well as drilling down into revenue reports. Hover over any point on the graph for a comparative breakdown of transaction revenue.


RaceInsights makes it easy to track your current race promotions and compare them to historical data. Moreover, it gives you insights on your return-on-investment, in terms of both registration numbers and profit, to allow you to effectively scale your customer engagement across multiple marketing channels.

The Loyalty page provides a breakdown so that you know how many registrations are new and how many are repeat participants.

You can instantly obtain your ROI for referrals:

You can also get immediate insights on your manual and automated emails to understand how effectively your communications convert to registrations (under Email Marketing -> Reports -> Automated Email Analytics). Automation combined with big data will allow you to take action to maximize your registrations while reducing your time spent.


It is important to know as much as possible about your customers so that you can inspire them to register – and once they do, deliver optimal experiences to them. RaceInsights mines your data so that you can fully understand the profiles of your participants with clear, simple graphs and charts. You can toggle between age, gender, and location information.

The heat map allows you to visualize an overview of your participant’s locations, and delve deeper with a detailed download of zip code data. You can start zoomed out:

And then zoom in:

Don’t forget to use the Download CSV button for a comprehensive list of all the zip codes that participants come from!


The registrations tool collects, sorts, and provides insight to help you choose and roll out your next marketing campaign. If RaceInsights shows that participants tend to register on Monday and Wednesday evening between 6pm and 8pm, you can time your email communications, Facebook ads, and race specials around these time.

Other registrations reports include giveaway summaries, custom question responses, and revenue by registration period.

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