RunSignup’s Payment Philosophy

The most important responsibility entrusted to us by our customers is the responsibility to process your payments securely – and make sure you get paid all your funds promptly and reliably. Learn more about our payment policies and schedule, and get a look at the strict security processes we implement to keep your participant’s data (and payment information) safe. There’s never any mystery about how, when, or if you’ll get your event funds.

Straightforward Payment Options

What are my options when setting up a Payment Account?
Schedule for Payments

Why You Can Trust RunSignup

We’ve been doing this for over a decade.
We are PCI Level 1 Compliant and prioritize secure transaction processing.
Our infrastructure is secure, redundant, and decentralized
We’re advocates of data privacy

We never sell our customer’s data nor do we direct ads or market to participants of your events. Data privacy is core to our business model.

What to Look For in a Data Security and Transaction Processing Provider

6 essential questions you should ask when choosing your race technology platform

Does the provider have secure, scalable technology?

Are they PCI Level 1 Compliant with independent auditors?

Do they keep your race funds separate from the funds that they use to operate their business?

Do they have a privacy policy for how they will collect, store, and share data?

Will they use participant data to market or sell unrelated events, subscriptions, or other items to your race participants?

Do they have a proven track record in the endurance industry?

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