Key Features For Free Email…

Email Builder

Design emails quickly and easily with our simple drag and trop tool

Create professional and beautiful layouts

Branded Content

Brand your emails with your logo and color scheme

Match the look & feel of your emails to your websites

Unlimited Contacts

Automated lists of all ticket purchasers, holders, and donors

Upload unlimited custom contact lists with historical data

Dynamic Data

Personalize emails with automated replacement tags for items like “first name”

Add custom replacement tags for any data

Upgrade to Organization Email

Every race and event comes with free email integrated into your dashboard, but RunSignup also takes free email a step further. Create your own Organization Email to build a year-round email strategy that automatically provides access to attendee and donor lists from all your events. Organization email is perfect for newsletters, event launch announcements, and cross-selling your events. Learn more about Organization Email!

A Better Email Strategy

Instigate FOMO

With fully customizable templates, you can stock your emails with fun and engaging photos that would make anyone scared to miss out on the fun.

Prompt Action

Encourage immediate action with prominent, easy-to-add action buttons for everything from registration to donating to participant self-management.

Create a Connection

Personalize your emails with standard data replacement tags (like name) and custom tags that speak to their history with your race (like number of years participating or total donations in the last 5 years).

Email Capture Popup

Grow your email marketing lists for free with a customizable email capture popup that allows potential participants to sign up to receive your event emails, newsletters, and more.

Optimize Sending

Utilize built-in statistics and reporting to better understand the performance of your emails – and improve your email strategy.

13% of 2022 Transactions Resulted From a RunSignup Email
421 Million RunSignup Emails Sent in 2022
1.9% of 2022 Registrations Resulted From Automated Price Increase Emails

Automate Your Emails…

Save time while ensuring your emails always go out when you want them to with automated emails. Whether it’s a notification about a price increase or regular reminders about your referral program, automated email lets you set it and forget it.

Price Increase

Never forget to send a notification that prices are increasing! Automated price increase emails are tied to your race data to send past participants a reminder to sign up again, and current participants a push to invite their friends.

Incomplete Registration Emails

Bring back undecided participants with an automated email for anyone who abandons their cart before completing registration. This simple-to-enable email ensures you’re never leaving revenue on the table!

Registration Follow-Up Emails

Keep in touch with your participants and expand your funnel with automated registration follow-up emails. Promote whatever goals you have for the event (like referrals or fundraising) and set to send at a specific interval after registering, or on a set date.

Email Marketing Best Practices from McGuire’s St Patrick’s Day Prediction 5K

McGuire’s St. Patrick’s Day Prediction 5K Run is the largest 5K Prediction Run in America. Held on the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, the event is more than just a race – it’s a full-fledged party with live entertainment, Irish Fare, Irish Wakes, and beer. This year, they let us follow along on their email marketing campaign – and share the results – to help the event industry better understand the impact of email marketing.

The Latest Blogs on Free Email…

3 Columns for Email V2

You can now add 3 column sections to your emails. This allows for even more flexible email design and layout options. We continue to add more design options to RunSignup’s free Email Marketing – no coding required!

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Email Save as Draft

One of the most frequent requests we have received from users of our new Email V2 system was to make the saving of a draft email more obvious. We have added that feature now at the bottom of the page after first…

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How to Streamline Packet Pickup

The packet pickup process sets the tone for the entire race experience for participants, volunteers, and staff. Creating a streamlined and hassle-free experience during packet pickup is essential for delivering a positive and memorable event. Below is a summary of the ways race organizers can streamline the process by looking at the basic components of packet pickup, using RunSignup’s technology, and the exploring how different sized events require different approaches.

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Email V2 Header Settings

In addition to custom footer settings, you now have more flexible design options for all email headers. The default header setting displays your logo, event name, Sign Up call to action button, and Donate call to action button (if donations are enabled)….

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Email V2 Footer Settings

There are new settings to customize the Email footer. By default, emails display the event logo and the event name in the footer. There are more flexible options now available. To disable the footer, click the gear in the upper right hand…

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Email V2 for Volunteer Communications

Email V2 streamlines your volunteer communications with a system recipient list for Volunteers and volunteer replacement tags to include custom data for: These replacement tags make it easy and simple to communicate with your Volunteers, as well as include Volunteer calls to…

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Using ChatGPT to Help Create Content for Events

It seems like everyone is beginning to find interesting ways to leverage generative AI technology. One of our developers, Jenn Levas, is also involved with the Broadway Bound Players, a community group in South Jersey. They are putting on a wine tasting…

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Automated Registration Followup Emails in Email V2

Automated Registration Followup Emails are now available to set up in Email V2. This email can be enabled to automatically send to participants a set number of hours or days after they have registered for your event. The automated Registration Followup Email…

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Spellcheck for Email V2

RunSignup’s free Email V2 now has integrated spellcheck so that you can send emails without misspellings or mistakes. Spellcheck automatically works for all emails created in and sent from Email V2. Right click to get suggested options to correct misspelled words.

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Pre-Built Emails

Want to send an email to your marketing lists announcing that registration is open but not sure what to write? Need to send a pre-event email but not certain which details to include? RunSignup’s Pre-Built Emails give you a set of templates…

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Email V2.0 Introduction

The following provides an introduction to RunSignup’s Email V2.0 solution. Event organizers can easily use all the great new capabilities to create professional emails. Easy-to-use templates help give starting points for designing emails and advanced data replacement tags like QR codes and links to photos help take things to the next level. This helpful webinar walks through all you need to know to put Email V2 to use whether you are sending transactional emails with existing engaged participants or marketing emails to help encourage registrations.

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Ending Email Private Labeling Option

As we transition to Email V2, and try to maintain our free email service, we are announcing the end of Private Labeling for all emails from RunSignup. This means we are ending the ability to private label that we had introduced in 2016….

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