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Learn From Event Experts

Have a minute? Keep up with new email builder product features and email marketing capabilities to improve your endurance event on RunSignup. Learn from event experts with our ever growing library of event tips and quick chats with fellow race directors.

Transitioning to Email V2

In January 2024, we shutdown email sending from our legacy Email Marketing Platform. You will still have access to free email via Email V2 – an upgraded version of email. Learn how to get more out of Email V2 and make your transition seamless.

How to Build an Email Strategy

Jump to number 2. Additionally, learn about overlooked audiences to send targeted emails too.

Send emails in parallel to registration patterns and learn when to expect low engagement.

Learn how RunSignup’s tools can boost your contacts.

See (and test) your Replacement Tags in action.

Learn how to differentiate your emails from competitors with personal touches.

Automated Emails

Streamline your email strategy and save time with the power of automation.

Edit automated emails to your liking with professional email components.

Only Have a Minute?

Learn how to use some of our favorite email features…fast.

Email FAQ’s

I unsubscribed.. why am I still receiving emails?
How does RunSignup send their emails?
How can I add a PDF to my confirmation email?

Latest Blogs on Email

Creating an Email Schedule

Even though it’s been around for decades, email is still one of the most important promotional tools available to races. In fact, in 2023 17% of all registrations for races on RunSignup came directly from RunSignup’s email system. Because we know some…

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More Social Media Icons for Email V2

We’ve added more social media icons that you can include in free emails sent from RunSignup’s Email V2. In addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X, you can also include links to Youtube, LinkedIn, and a website. To include some or all of…

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Volunteer Communications Upgraded to Email V2

We have migrated and upgraded Volunteer Communications to Email V2. Event and volunteer coordinators with limited dashboard access can now use Email V2 to send emails to volunteers. Email V2 also introduces new capabilities for Volunteer emails, including the ability to schedule…

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Development Progress in Early 2024

We have all company meetings every 2-3 weeks where different departments share their progress over the past 10-12 weeks. Over the past two weeks we had our Platform team and then our Event Day development teams present, and we thought we would…

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Email V2 Default Deduplication Settings

Email V2 default deduplication settings let you set how marketing and transactional emails deduplicate contacts. By default, deduplication settings are set to Email Only for Marketing Emails and to Email, Name, and Placeholders for Transactional Emails. Overview of Deduplication Settings and Email…

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Scheduled Emails

There is now a tab to view all of your scheduled emails. This makes it easy to check the emails your event or organization is sending, with options to cancel, copy, and view scheduled emails. Scheduled emails include all emails that you…

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What the Data Says About Improving Race Participation

Unless you host something like the New York City Marathon, chances are you want more people at your event. And with race participation numbers getting back to pre COVID levels in 2023, there’s a lot of opportunity to attract new people to…

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Font Size Options for Email V2

You can now edit font size in Email V2. In addition to headings and paragraph text, you can seamlessly adjust text size in emails. We continue to add more Email V2 features that give you more email design and layout capabilities.

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Leverage AI To Improve Your Communications

Out of creative juice or just looking to punch up your communications? We’ve done a little AI testing to see how it can help you build copy for your email and websites. What Can AI Do for Your Race? Before you turn…

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Full Transition to Email V2

We have now fully transitioned all races to RunSignup’s next-generation Email V2. Here are the key things to know: You will see both Email Marketing (Legacy) and Email V2 tabs in your dashboard. We have a lot of resources to learn more…

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