Technology for Running Stores…

RunSignup makes registration easy, sure. But we’re also here with free technology to help you manage your events and clubs without increasing your overhead.


Make it simple for participants to register in minutes with a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and customizable registration platform.

Marketing Tools

Take advantage of free marketing tools including email and websites as well as built-in referral programs, incentive-base pricing setups, and social sharing settings.


Raise more for your nonprofit, charity partner, or multiple charity partners with integrated donations and fundraising tools.


Streamline your RaceDay operations with flexible bib assignment, a speedy CheckIn App and simple on-site registration options.

Key Features for Running Stores

Registration For Events

Provide participants with a speedy and intuitive registration process while collecting all the key data you need.

  • Options for simple and advanced registration to manage both simple one-course races and multi-day events with multiple course and registration options
  • Reduce customer service inquiries with flexible admin and self-serve participant management options
  • Pick the participant fields to require and custom questions to collect custom data
  • Process payments quickly and securely

Marketing Tools

Market your events while keeping your overhead low with a free suite of marketing tools.

  • Customize event websites with your branding (not ours) – you can even bring your own subdomain to each event website to tie it back to your store site
  • Send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts, both those who are tied to specific events and to cross-promote additional events
  • Turn your loyal participants into ambassadors and incentive sharing with an automated referral rewards program
  • Understand your results and optimize your spend with the RaceInsights Analytics dashboard

Clubs and Training Programs

Manage your roster and and collect payments for training teams and clubs managed by your store.

  • Track and manage your members with custom options for membership dates
  • Access comprehensive reporting on your members and financial data
  • Cross-promote your races and clubs with automated prompts for race registrants to join your club or training program
  • Collect donations for your community partners
  • Send automatic renewal reminders to members nearing expiration

RaceDay CheckIn

Offer a smoother packet pickup for your events and events you host with an intuitive and speedy RaceDay CheckIn App.

  • Find and check-in participants in seconds via search or QR Scan
  • Easily check in participants who registered together with linked registrations
  • View selected giveaway options like T-Shirt Size or color
  • Offer packet pickup at multiple locations simultaneously with dynamic bib assignment connected to a label printer to label your bibs in real-time

Volunteer Platform

Register and manage volunteers directly from your race dashboard.

  • Organize your volunteer needs with individual volunteer tasks, timeslots, and groupings of tasks into categories
  • Optimize your assignments with minimum and maximum numbers of volunteers needed
  • Add custom questions with information and waivers from your volunteers
  • Easily communicate through free email and automated volunteer lists (and sub-lists by task or category)
  • Assign a volunteer coordinator and/or task coordinators to provide limited access to your lead volunteers

Timer Tools

Operating a timing company in conjunction with your store? Our RaceDay Suite includes RaceDay Scoring, next-generation scoring software, on-site registration, RaceDay CheckIn, the RaceDay Results platform, and more. Learn how we can support your timing ventures!

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