Core Benefits of Memberships

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and usher in the era of cross promotion and automation with RunSignup’s Membership Platform.

Membership Management

Keep all your member and membership information in one easy-to-access place. Our system also lets you automate things like welcome emails and renewal reminders for.

Outstanding Websites

Our intuitive website builder lets you create an on-brand, professional looking, website in no time. A polished site instills confidence in potential members and makes signing up simple.

Automatic Renewals

Remove a step for longstanding members and avoid accidental membership lapses with automated renewals.

Key Features of the RunSignup Memberships Platform

Flexible Membership Options

Our memberships feature makes it easy for you to manage your running club members, prompt renewals, and collect payments. Flexible membership options include:

  • Customizable membership length (annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Prorated membership cost based on when someone signed up (optional)
  • Dynamic membership start dates
  • Individual and group memberships

Membership Analytics

Track your members and finances with built-in reporting, including:

  • Searchable lists of members and memberships at the click of a button
  • Exportable reports of non-renewed memberships that are expiring or expired in a given month
  • Full financial reporting including downloadable list of transactions and payments

Cross-Promote Races and Clubs

Leverage cross-promotion for your club and your races (or partner races). Cross-promotion functionality includes:

  • Offer race discounts to your members, and membership discounts to the runners who register for your races
  • Let runners sign up for your club and a race in one transaction to encourage new members
  • Automatically recognize (and discount) club members registering for your race based on Member Level, and prompt those who aren’t members to register

Sell Member Merchandise

Set up an online store for members to purchase club gear and accessories.

  • Easy setup with custom description and image
  • Ability to offer options such as size or color
  • Inventory tracking based on number of items available
  • Sell merchandise anytime on your website, or offer it only during membership purchase


Bring in additional revenue for your club, as well as raise money for any associated non-profit organizations with our donations feature:

  • Customizable pages and settings
  • Add preset donation amounts to make things easier for potential donors
  • Create donation levels to further incentivize donations

Additional Features for Memberships …

Waivers & Refund Policy

Create custom waivers – and refund policies – for joining members to ensure everyone is properly protected.

Email V2 Access

With memberships you get access to our email V2 system and can create dynamic content like newsletters to keep members engaged and informed. 

Custom Questions

Add Custom Questions to get more detailed information about members to help create an even better experience.

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