Websites V2 Are Here!

We have released our next generation websites product, with an easy point-and-click website builder, unlimited content pages, and customizable style so your brand is always first. Legacy websites still work, but we recommend starting to transition your content to Websites V2 as you prepare to renew for the following event.

Key Features for Websites…

Branded for You

From your logo to custom color schemes to featured images that represent your race every website can be easily updated to match your branding (not ours). Then, take it to the next level with your own custom domain or subdomain.

Unlimited Pages

It’s not just a registration page – it’s a full website that you can build out with key event details and more information about your organization. RunSignup makes it simple to add pages and create dynamic menus with submenu items.

Beautiful Cover Pages

Create a professional homepage with full-sized header image sliders, video components, and flexible content blocks. All the content is yours – no ads for other events, ever. You’ll never know it’s a website template in a box! 

Dynamic Data

Never forget to update your website again. Automatically display your event’s dynamic data like price increases or the number of remaining spots. Add donation thermometers, countdown clocks, photo albums, social media links, and more!

Upgrade to Organization Websites

Every race and event comes with a free event website you can build from your dashboard, but RunSignup also takes free websites a step further with tools for Organizations. Create your own Organization Website to serve as a central hub of information across all your events. Organization websites can be customized with Website Builder and Cover Pages, and offer dynamic content options like event lists that pull from across your races and ticket events. Learn more about Organization Websites!

Your Race. Your Brand.

Create a Beautiful Cover Page

  • Your logo and your colors (not ours)
  • Inspire FOMO with beautiful photos
  • Include dynamic data elements
  • Custom displays for your event options to inspire action

Add Unlimited Content & Pages

  • Add unlimited custom content and unlimited pages to your website
  • Organize your information into menus and submenus
  • Rearrange pages and submenu options
  • Include an FAQ page and race day details
  • Easily integrate videos, images, and playlists into your website

Bring Your Own Custom Domain

  • Professionalize your website with a custom domain (like instead of the standard – it’s free
  • SSL Certificate included
  • Built-in search engine optimization
  • Bring a subdomain to tie to an existing website

Setup an Organization Website

  • Make it easy to find all your ticket and registration events with a free website for your organization
  • Pull in dynamic information from across your organization, such as event lists
  • Create a central hub for registration events, ticket events, and fundraising events
  • Save money; no coding needed

Websites Video Page

More of a “show me” type than a “tell me” type? Check out all the latest videos on your free event website, from 30-second updates to full platform demos.

More Features to Create a Dynamic Website…

Photos & Slideshows

Create FOMO with your own beautiful images from your race, and take it a step further with interactive photo slideshows.

Videos & Playlists

Bring your event to life by embedding videos and curated playlists on both Apple Music and Spotify.

Contact Forms

Make it easy for attendees (or prospective attendees) to reach you with contact forms directly on your event website.

Participant Status

Reduce customer support with Participant Lookups on your website, allowing forgetful attendees to easily locate their information.

Set Up an Organization Website

Every registration event comes with free event website that can be built from your RunSignup race dashboard, but your access to free websites doesn’t stop there. Create your own Organization Website to create a central hub for all your events by pulling in dynamic information from across your organization (such as event lists and results). Organization Websites are perfect organization information, building your brand, and cross-selling your events. Save money; no coding needed.

A Few of Our Favorite Race Websites

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