Organization Websites Released – Stepping Stone to V2 Partner Websites and V2 Registration / Race Websites

We laid out our plans for our next generation website capability in this blog post in December, 2021. As with most things at RunSignup, we do incremental releases and continually get market feedback and improve. We released another milestone this week – Organization Websites. This takes the website capability that is built into our TicketSignup and GiveSignup products and provides any organization with a stand alone, generic website capability. You can think of this as a hub website for having multiple sub-websites for each event that your organization puts on.

Create An Organization Website

Creating a Website is easy – just go to (you can also use or since they are really all the same!) and step thru the wizard like every other wizard on our platform. We do require an approved Payment Account to ensure proper use of the platform. Once completed, you can then have access to our powerful website building tools.

  • It’s free — includes hosting, SSL, and unlimited pages (not just a single event page).
  • It features your brand, not ours — free of third-party ads.
  • It’s easy to add content and images.
  • It looks good on desktop and mobile, and it’s easy to customize the theme.
  • It is easy to add buttons and links to your events.

Next Step 1 – Partner Website V2

Now that we have separated out this website capability into a reusable component, we intend to build it into our Partner Dashboard for large event and timing organizations. This initial release has all of the rich content capabilities outlined above.

The next step will be to build a reusable data component that creates a calendar of events. This will make it simple to have a page that shows all upcoming events. It will have a number of configuration options to determine which events to show, and whether to show past events.

For races there will be options that take web visitors directly to results pages, which will be very convenient for timers. A timer website will show a list of events that have results posted, and as soon as results start to come in there will be a tile or button to click to see results.

Next Step 2+ – Replicating all Race and Registration and Fundraising Pages

Registration events today generate a number of pages automatically for a the website – Find a Participant Page, Team Page, Donation Page, Fundraiser Pages, Results Page, Photos Page, etc. We need to replicate all of those as reusable and flexible components one at a time into the new Website Builder V2. The objective is to be in a position in the next 6-12 months of being able to replace the current website capability for the Registration platform (what people typically call RunSignup and widely used for endurance and P2P events) with this new functionality.

This will help races and P2P events create better websites more easily and open up whole new sets of features like slideshows and better video integration.

By integrating these components into this new generic website capability, it will allow organizations to mix and match websites. For example, the organization website might host most of the events directly within the website like this:


As we outlined in our 2022 Product Roadmap, we are focusing a lot of effort and talent on creating next generation free websites and email tools for our customers. These are the two primary mechanisms customers interact with events and they are vitally important to our customers.

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