Technology for Fundraising Events…

RunSignup makes fundraising easy, sure. But we’re also here with free technology to help you manage your fundraising event from conception to execution.


Make it simple for participants to register in minutes with a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and customizable registration platform.

Marketing Tools

Take advantage of free marketing tools including email and websites as well as built-in referral programs, incentive-base pricing setups, and social sharing settings.


Streamline your RaceDay operations with flexible bib assignment, a speedy CheckIn App and simple on-site registration options.

Brand Your Website with GiveSignup

Did you know that you can use the alternate URL of for your event if you want to take the focus off the athletics (or if it’s not a run at all)? No extra steps are required: with our Single Sign On System for multiple brands, the race you create can be accessed from either or The functionality is the same, but the branding is perfect for your event.

Donations for Your Event

The majority of races support a charity or are hosted by a charity. If you just want to make it easy for supporters and participants to donate to your event, we have some solutions for you.

Integrated Donations

Add a customized soft donation ask to your registration path and encourage giving.

  • Increase giving with custom donation levels that tie each donation to the impact of the gifts
  • Flat 4% processing fee for donations, with the option to absorb the fee, pass it on, or ask donors to cover it
  • Add a simple checkbox donation option to your checkout page to capture every donation
  • Allow donations during and outside of registration
  • Record manual donations for easier record-keeping

Support One or Multiple Charities

Pick a single charity partner or give participants the option to support one of many partners.

  • Add multiple charities with a simple layout that allows donors to choose where to give
  • Give access to charities to manage and control their own charity information
  • Offer direct payment to charities so all donations go directly to them
69% of Donations are for Less Than $25
195% More Donations when Checkbox Donation is Enabled
12.9% of Donations Dollars Come From Donations Over $500

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Your Event

Peer-to-peer fundraising is where the real fundraising efforts begin. Peer-to-Peer fundraising is for events with a highly engaged group of supporters and a team willing to help them achieve their goals, and can take your event fundraising efforts to the next level.

Individual Fundraising

Allow or require individuals to become fundraisers for your event.

  • Automatically created fundraising pages for every fundraiser
  • Set default messaging and images that fundraisers can customize for a more personal fundraising appeal
  • Ability to integrate RunSignup Fundraisers with Facebook Fundraisers and sync information
  • Add offline donations to a fundraiser page for free
  • Empower fundraisers with a built-in email tool customized with your branding and messaging

Team Fundraising

Bring the power of teamwork to fundraising with the option to create fundraising teams

  • Allow or require fundraisers to join or create a team
  • Automatically created team fundraising pages that are easy for fundraising Team Captains to manage, with customizable images and messaging
  • Support multiple team captains
  • Roll up all individual donations to the team, with ability to prevent or allow donations to the team without selecting an individual

Fundraising Rewards and Incentives

Boost fundraising and increase the motivation for your fundraisers to engage their community.

  • Reward fundraisers who meet a pre-determined fundraising threshold with an automated discount or a refund
  • Set a fundraiser minimum with the option to save and auto-charge a credit card if the minimum is not met

Fundraising Gamification

Make fundraising fun with unique rewards for effort.

  • Show off your top performers with a live leaderboard on your website
  • Make your progress visual with a live donation goal thermometer
  • Create milestones and badges that fill a trophy case and provide a digital “thanks” for continued fundraising
  • Make gamification social with milestones and badges for team fundraisers

Fundraising Reports

Track your progress and keep in touch with your supporters with comprehensive fundraising reports.

  • View all your participants, donations, and fundraisers
  • Share reports with your teammates
  • Download transaction and payment reports with multiple revenue types (like donations and registrations) in the same report
Events with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Raise 630% More
12% of Transactions are From Donations When Fundraising is Enabled
62% of Fundraisers Reached Their Goal When Facebook Fundraising Was Enabled

Customer Spotlights

Steps for Students

Steps for Students determined their backend technology needed to change to support their unique needs around team fundraising and seamless data integration. Ultimately, they chose to switch to RunSignup’s registration, fundraising, and race day technology platform. Julie Eberle and Suraiya Culp, event organizers for Steps for Students shared with us their innovative approach to offering a virtual experience that reinforced their fundraising efforts.

  • 6,500 Virtual Registrants

  • $775,000 Donations Raised Virtually

  • 100% Real Time Data

Pedal Event Fundraisers

Pedal event fundraisers are a fun and creative way to bring supporters together for an indoor cycling event that can easily offer both in-person and virtual options. With RunSignup’s free tools including free Email Marketing, free websites, and integrated fundraising and donations, nonprofits can raise more and engage supporters with a unique and creative pedal fundraising event.

  • Pedaling 4 Paige

  • Peleton 4 Parkinsons

  • Pedal With Purpose

Healthy Kids Running Series

With five age groups, HKRS brings a five-week running series to your community and encourages kids to kickstart their healthy lifestyle and fight against childhood obesity. Learn how Healthy Kids has used RunSignup technology to scale their events and increase revenue.

  • 250 Nation Wide Annual Race Series

  • 168K Registrations on RunSignup

  • $145K Donations in 2018

30th Anniversary Tour of the Firefighter Challenge

When The First Responder Institute readied themselves for the 30th Anniversary National Tour of the Firefighter Challenge, they went to work creating impressive registration pages to spark enthusiasm and communicate the event’s legacy and pride. Firefighter Challenges attract local, national, and international firefighters − rookies and veterans alike − who compete on a globally recognized challenge course. For those not in the fire service, the impressive competition allows a glimpse into the occupational demands facing firefighters everywhere!

  • 500 Firehouses Participate per Year on Avg.

  • 100,000 Audience members and Attendees per Year

  • 500+ Challenges in 45 States as of 2020

Leading Edge Take Heart 5K

Take Heart is a nonprofit like so many – operating with a small staff that aren’t full time race directors and have many additional responsibilities. They teamed up with Leading Edge, to bring something meaningful to Lakeland’s active community. And when it comes time to make the Leading Edge Take Heart 5K a reality, the tools and guidance of RunSignup help make it a success. Over the years, the race has seen an impressive growth in donations thanks to a well-conceived plan and intentional addition of key features.

  • $40,000 Raised in Donations

  • 6,000 Raised form Top Fundraiser Team

Autism Society of Central Virginia

Most running, walking, and cycling events serve a fundraising function for important services to support our communities like the Autism Society of Central Virginia’s 5K Challenge. ASCV has multiple ways its raises funds to support its growing programs, and reports that their 5K challenge is its largest annual fundraiser. This year, like many across the country, it was their first time hosting an in-person race since the pandemic started. ASCV held a 30-day challenge from April 14 to May 14, and capped it off with their 5K and Family Fun day on May 14 where they were able to celebrate the event’s 20th anniversary and attract 1,200 registrants.

  • 1,200 Registrants

  • 30 Day Challenge

  • $2,500 Fundraising Incentives

DONNA Marathon

The DONNA Foundation honors those facing the challenges of breast cancer and to raise funds towards ending breast cancer. A significant portion of the DONNA Foundation’s fundraising comes from its signature events like the DONNA Marathon, and the organization raised an impressive $273,000 with this year’s DONNA Marathon Weekend.

  • 5,000+ Registrants

  • 10,000+ Spectators

  • 107 Returning Participants YOY

Paterson Music Project

Looking for some inspiration and proof that events can be successful in 2020? With a little innovation and a willingness to pivot, Ride for PMP, in tandem with the Garden State Fondo, raised $20,000 for the Paterson Music Project (PMP) – an increase of 368% in fundraising.

  • 368% Increase in Fundraising

  • $20,000 Raised for Paterson Music Project

  • 7,000 Miles Completed as a Group

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Update 9/15/2023 Please see the below blog for a full explanation of the changes to Facebook Fundraisers. We will be reversing the temporary end date of 10/31 that we send to Meta on 9/18 to align with Meta’s switch to Paypal for…

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Unlocking Fundraising Success: DONNA Marathon’s Executive Director on RunSignup’s Platform and More

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda Napolitano, the Executive Director of the DONNA Foundation, responsible for overseeing the DONNA Marathon in Jacksonville, Florida. During our conversation, Amanda shared valuable insights into best practices for fundraising events and maximizing the potential of RunSignup’s comprehensive products and features.

In our discussion, Amanda covered a range of topics, including registration, fundraising, RaceDay Checkin app, RaceJoy, and Ticket Signup, to name just a few. She emphasized how these tools can be effectively utilized to enhance the overall experience for participants and race staff. Amanda highlighted that the primary reason they transitioned to RunSignup this year was the seamless integration between registration technology and fundraising features, which proved to be remarkably user-friendly both during setup and for participants.

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DONNA Marathon: Bringing It All Together

2023 was DONNA Marathon’s first year using RunSignup’s registration and we were impressed by how much the event adopted many of the features and technology available not only with RunSignup’s registration, but with our RaceDay tools, fundraising capabilities, and even our Ticket platform. Given their multifaceted approach, we thought other event organizers could benefit from an understanding of how using the various capabilities can come together.

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Fundraising: Individual Fundraisers

You can allow your supporters to fundraise for your cause by going to Fundraising >> Individual Fundraisers and enabling Individual Fundraisers. There are 4 tiles that organize existing settings and make setting up fundraising simple: Click the tile component to edit the settings: This…

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Intermittent Issues with Facebook Fundraiser API

Update 4/19/2023 There has been an escalation in reported issues with Meta’s Facebook Fundraiser API. RunSignup is unable to resolve any issues because the issues are occurring on Meta’s platform. If your fundraisers are reporting issues we recommend the following: Update 4/6/2023…

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Fundraiser Email Replacement Tags for Email V2

There are now fundraiser email replacement tags for Email V2. Using these dynamic replacement tags with the Email V2 fundraiser recipient list gives your peer to peer fundraising event more power to automate and customize communications with your fundraisers. We make it…

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Donation Report: Transaction vs Manual Donations

The Donation Report has a new update that shows the breakdown between transactional (online) donations and manual (offline) donations. To view, navigate to Donations >> Reports >> Donations on your dashboard. You will see the breakdown in the top summary. It’s also easy to…

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Sommer Sports’ Michelle Craske’s Insights

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Fundraiser Email Recipient List for Email V2

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The Advantage of Fundraising

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