Brand Your Website for Triathlons with TriSignup

Did you know that you can use the alternate URL of for your event? No extra steps are required: with our Single Sign On System for multiple brands, the race you create can be accessed from either or The functionality is the same, but the branding is perfect for your event.

Technology for Triathlons…

RunSignup makes triathlon registration easy, sure. But we’re also here with free technology to help you manage your event business and race operations from conception to execution. All triathlons include:


Make it simple for participants to register in minutes with a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and customizable registration platform.

Marketing Tools

Take advantage of free marketing tools including email and websites as well as built-in referral programs, incentive-base pricing setups, and social sharing settings.


Raise more for your nonprofit, charity partner, or multiple charity partners with integrated donations and fundraising tools.


Streamline your RaceDay operations with flexible bib assignment, a speedy CheckIn App and simple on-site registration options.

Key Features for Triathlons

RaceDay Tools

On-site logistics are key for any triathlon. Make the experience seamless with the RunSignup RaceDay Suite, including:

  • Bib Management with flexible options to assign your bibs at registration, import your bib numbers, or allow for dynamic bib assignment on-site
  • On-Site Registration makes it simple maximize participation with a streamlined process for race day registrations
  • RaceDay CheckIn App eliminates lines and ensures speedy check-in of all your participants.

Corral/Wave Management

Provide structure and organization to the chaos with a built-in corral management tool. This includes:

  • A Corral Size Estimation Tool and Corral Time Builder to help you define the best parameters for your event
  • The ability to assign corrals during registration, wait to assign corrals later, or allow participants to choose their corral
  • Smart time entry with the ability to require a verification link and minimum time requirements for participants choosing their own corral

Groups and Teams

Make your triathlon more approachable with relay and team options. RunSignup’s team features include:

  • Require a teams to be a specific size (for example, 3 on a relay team)
  • Allow teams that are single-gender or coed
  • Flexible team pricing that allows for a captain to pay for everyone up front or requires each registrant to pay as they join

USAT Triathlon Integration

If your race is sanctioned by USA Triathlon, we make it easy for you to verify memberships and provide membership registrations for your participants. This includes:

  • An easy setup to require participants to enter their membership information (to be checked against the USAT database) or purchase a USAT Membership within race registration
  • Ability offer a discount specifically for USAT members
  • USAT reports including participant waivers and a summary of memberships

More Technology for Triathlons…

Looking for something else? Here are a few other features that make life easier for triathlons.


Give your participants peace of mind with optional participant insurance that they can purchase to protect against an unexpected need to withdraw. No emails on your part – and your race actually earns revenue from the insurance.

Waiver Management

RunSignup has robust waiver options, including the ability to include multiple waivers, the ability to sign a waiver later if someone else registers a participant, and time-stamped reporting on waiver signings.

Merch Sales

Increase your revenue with giveaways items (like your standard t-shirt), add-ons (like an upgrade to a bike jersey), and a standalone store. Inventory management tools included.

Flexible Pricing

Turn your pricing setup into a prompt for action with time-based or count-based increases, management of unlimited coupon codes, and discounts for key groups of participants.

RaceDay Photos

Build FOMO with shareable event photos directly on your race website. The RacDay Photo Platform allows for unlimited uploads, easy album management, and auto-tagging by bib number.

Triathlon Technology
For RaceDay Certified Timers

RaceJoy For Triathlons

RaceJoy Certified Timers can review the nuances of setting up a triathlon and other multi-sport events on RaceJoy.

RaceDay Scoring for Triathlons

RaceDay Scoring Certified Timers can review the basics of using RaceDay Scoring to score triathlons and other multi-sport events.

Customer Spotlight

Steelman Racing

Today Steelman Racing hosts 5-6 events per year, including a trail race, 3 open water swims, and a triathlon. One of David’s priorities when he took over Steelman Racing was finding the right timing partner and registration platform because of two primary challenges, inability to make updates to registration and communication challenges with timer.

  • 18.8% Participants Sign Up with Bundles

  • 7.8% Registrants Transfer Events

  • 5-6 Events per Year

Negative Split Productions

RunSignup’s RaceDay Technology Suite helps race directors and timers speed up their race day processes. Tony Sapp from Negative Split Productions uses his RaceDay certification to implement several products from the RaceDay suite, such as automatic bib assignment and RaceDay CheckIn. These applications streamline the check in process on race day to cut down lines.

  • 770+ Registrants for its 3 Extreme Triathlons in 2019

  • 79.6% of it’s Extreme Tri Participants use RaceJoy

DQ Events

Prior to using RunSignup, DQ Events relied on several services for results, email marketing, registration, and websites. The company initially became interested in RunSignup when they saw how easily the platform integrates with various scoring services. The RunSignup platform has streamlined processes for DQ Events, allowing them to access all of their needs in one place.

  • 15.9K Repeat Participants across all RunSignup Races

  • 12 Triathlons + 40 Road Races a Year

  • 100-4,000+ Range of Participants an Event

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Steelman Racing

Growing a Leading Multi-Sport Events Business The Steelman Tri began in Pennsylvania at Lake Nockamixon around 2002 when there were very few triathlons in the area. Two races per year – a triathlon and an open water swim – brought in about…

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RaceDay Scoring: Transitioning with Roger Bradshaw

Roger Bradshaw, the founder of well-known Race Director scoring software that has been used to score millions of participants, provides step-by-step guidance on how to transition from The Race Director to its planned replacement, RaceDay Scoring. Roger has played a pivotal role in the design and testing of RaceDay Scoring and ensuring RaceDay Scoring meets the evolving needs of timers. Roger provides timers with detailed guidance on transitioning from The Race Director to RaceDay Scoring.

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Sommer Sports’ Michelle Craske’s Insights

We like to hear from people in the industry to find out more about them and how they use RunSignup’s products. Recently, RunSignup’s Steve Bingham-Hawk chatted with Michelle Craske with Sommer Sports to get some inside scoop. For those of you not familiar with Sommer…

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USATriathlon Membership System Goes Live June 2, 2021

UPDATE: The new USAT API is now live and we are processing all requests with the new system around noon Thursday June 3, 2021. USATriathlon will be going live with a new membership validation, selling and waiver system on June 2, 2021. USAT…

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California Triathlon Offers Insurance Alternative for Triathlons

After 2 years of work, California Triathlon is pleased to announce the California Triathlon Endorsed Race Director Insurance Program.  At only $2.50 per participant, it offers an affordable insurance alternative for triathlons. A growing consortium of race directors from coast to coast will be utilizing…

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USA Triathlon Ticket Socket Partnership

We have gotten some questions about USATriathlon promoting Ticket Socket. Two points. We remain completely committed to the triathlon community. We sold over $1,000,000 of USATriathlon memberships on our platform in 2019, and it is an important part of our business. We…

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RaceDay Certified Timer Spotlight: Tony Sapp

Tony Sapp, owner of Negative Split Productions, shares his views on RunSignup’s RaceDay technology suite of products. Watch this video to hear his valuable insights on ways timers can create a competitive advantage through RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite. Negative Split Productions owns and operates…

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USATriathlon Membership Number

We now show the USAT Membership number in several more convenient places. In particular, the Participant Management page for each individual now shows the number: In addition, you can build saved reports that include any of the USAT information:

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USATriathlon Membership Delay Explanation

USATriathlon has an 8 hour delay built into their membership data. This means if an triathlete signs up for a membership on the USATriathlon site, it will take 8 hours until their membership number is available in other applications. This can cause…

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Along with the recently released BikeSignUp, we now offer TriSignUp branding for triathlon customers who want their signup to be specific to their type of event. Like with BikeSignUp, all races are listed on each iteration of the site (BikeSignUp, RunSignUp, TriSignUp, and…

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USA Triathlon Membership Pricing Changes Coming

USA Triathlon has notified us of their plans to increase Membership Pricing effective January, 1, 2016. Our integration with USATriathlon will change effective that day as we.. Here is their notice: UPCOMING CHANGEFor the first time in four years, USA Triathlon is…

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USA Triathlon Site Issues

THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN CLOSED. ALL SYSTEMS WORKING WELL. USA Triathlon is having intermittent issues with their infrastructure. For most USAT transactions this should not cause a problem because we batch transactions in the background. However, USAT Annual Members who are trying…

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