RaceDay Certified Timer Spotlight: Tony Sapp

Tony Sapp, owner of Negative Split Productions, shares his views on RunSignup’s RaceDay technology suite of products. Watch this video to hear his valuable insights on ways timers can create a competitive advantage through RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite.

Negative Split Productions owns and operates worldwide events, specializing in extreme format courses, such as Alaskaman Extreme TriathlonIsland Extreme Triathlon in Iceland, and Alohaman Extreme Triathlon in Hawaii. They also own and operate the 2nd largest kids triathlon in the world, the Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon.

Tony has identified ways to gain operational efficiencies while preserving a unique and higher quality participant experience. One of the initiatives Tony did was to become RaceDay Certified. He feels it was an opportunity to expand his knowledge and access race day tools that would make for a better experience for participants and the supporting crew.

The RaceDay Suite tools Negative Split Productions uses include:

Tony shares that the RaceDay CheckIn app is one of the biggest time saving products that they use. It bypasses the need to have spreadsheets and printouts of various information, and frees up the crews time since much of the process can be delegated to volunteers.

“The RaceDay CheckIn App is one of the biggest time saving products that we use.”Tony Sapp, Negative Split Productions

Their packet pickup crew uses the RaceDay CheckIn app at all of their events in order to ensure they have signed waivers, correct bib numbers, the correct giveaways are handed out, and any add-ons that were ordered are accurately distributed.

Negative Split Productions offers RaceJoy’s tracking and communications capabilities for any race they time, regardless of distance. Tony offers it as an add-on, value-add service and RaceJoy helps to differentiate their services from other timers who are not RaceDay Certified.

“RaceJoy gives me a competitive advantage over others.”Tony Sapp, Negative Split Productions

Tony shares that one of the advantages of RaceJoy over other types of tracking is the simplicity with how it is distributed and used. Since the participant is using their own hardware, the phone, there is no need to purchase or rent added equipment, and there is nothing to distribute or collect afterwards. For extreme events RaceJoy provides an invaluable safety tool for tracking participants who are completing challenging courses in remote locations. RaceJoy isn’t just for participants and spectators – it is a tool for race directors and the crew to be able to monitor participants and staff on race day and to communicate with one another. Tony predicts that RaceJoy is going to eventually become a sought after solution and its capabilities give him an advantage over other timers.

Tony uses RaceDay Scoring concurrently with other scoring software. What he likes about RaceDay Scoring is that it is built from the ground up for the new generation of timers. Its foundation is expandable technology that integrates seamlessly with the other RaceDay tools offered by RunSignup.

“RaceDay Scoring is built from the ground up for the new generation of timers.”Tony Sapp, Negative Split Productions

Tony closes our interview with him by sharing that the RaceDay Suite enables him to offer comprehensive options that encompass registration, timing, and tracking with the advantage of seamless integration.

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