TicketSignup for RunSignup Users

TicketSignup is a purpose-built ticketing platform for simple and complex ticket events. For RunSignup users, TicketSignup has the benefit of being built on RunSignup’s reliable and secure technology core. Both platforms share free email, free event websites, free marketing tools, and easy-to-use Event Day Apps. Key advantages of TicketSignup include:

  • Use the same RunSignup login across all RunSignup & TicketSignup events
  • Use the same payment account across your events (or option to support multiple payment accounts per legal entity)
  • Free for the event organizer with the same processing fees as RunSignup and the same per-cart pricing
  • Volume pricing available for partners with more than 5,000 registrations and tickets (combined).

Tickets vs Registration?

Ticketing and registration have similarities, but they aren’t the same.

Registration is about PEOPLE

Registrations focus on each individual because of downstream activities like bib assignment and timing.

  • Login required to facilitate participant management options.
  • Requires personal information for each participant
  • Limited dates and options for each race
  • May include team options and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Ticketing is about TICKETS

Ticketing focuses only on the ticket purchase, with individual information typically less important.

  • No login required, with necessary ticket management options via email
  • Less information needed, or information needed only for the ticket purchaser
  • May include multiday options with many timeslots
  • Speed and efficiency are prioritized, with simple bulk purchasing

See How RunSignup Customers Are Using TicketSignup

Key Features of TicketSignup

Fast Purchase…

Take advantage of the moment of interest and get ticket purchasers through your checkout in minutes (or seconds).

  • Payment made easy with scan your credit card and Apple Pay options
  • No login required and all ticket management options available via email
  • Mobile optimized purchase path
  • Fast checkout purchase page with no required billing address to complete

Collect Information

Keep your purchase path simple and intuitive while collecting all the information you need. Options include:

  • Collect basic information for each attendee or for ticket purchaser only
  • Add custom questions for any needed data
  • Ask for size information for any promotional giveaways
  • Require agreement on any waivers or refund policies

Free Marketing Tools

Attract new attendees and communicate clearly with a free event website, free email marketing, and integrated promotion tools. Options include:

  • Free email with unlimited contacts and sends
  • Free custom website (branded for you)
  • Automated referral rewards to encourage sharing
  • Social media pixels to track returns

Multi-Day and Timed Entry…

Manage your flow of attendees with flexible options for multi-day and timed entry events. Options include:

  • Ticket grouping for easy view of available tickets
  • Calendar view of dates with available tickets
  • Event caps for each timeslot, each day, or across all days and times
  • Ticket transfer self-serve (for free or for a fee)

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