Empowering Timers with Event Day Innovation

Watch this video for Bob Bickel’s insights into RunSignup’s strategy to help timers provide foundational technology for race events. In the fast-paced world of timers, where every second counts, leveraging cutting-edge technology is the key to timers’ success.

Importance of Timers

Bob shares the pivotal role of timers in the endurance race community. Since most races rely on volunteers or occur sporadically and timers are intricately involved in races almost every weekend, they have an expertise that races greatly depend upon. Acknowledging their significance, RunSignup invests 25% of its development resources towards timer EventDay technology. The EventDay development team, led by James Harris the founder of RaceJoy, consistently innovates across a suite of timer technology, ranging from scoring to results-integrated photography.

Evolution of Scoring Software

Delving into the history of scoring solutions, Bob acknowledges the trailblazers – Alan Jones, founder of RunScore, and Roger Bradshaw, founder of The Race Director. RunSignup recognized there was a need for a next-generation scoring solution and responded by introducing RaceDay Scoring in 2017 – designed to meet the current requirements of modern timers. The recent release of RaceDay Scoring, Version 4, incorporates infrastructure enhancements, making it a viable solution for scoring the largest of events. With its ongoing refinements and investment in development, RunSignup envisions RaceDay Scoring becoming the industry standard for timers.

RaceDay CheckIn App

RunSignup’s most popular product is its RaceDay CheckIn app. With approximately three million annual check-ins, the app has become a staple for race organizers. New features, such as results kiosks and medical tent mode, demonstrates our continued commitment to enhancing the user experience.

Ticket App – Beyond Check-In

In addition, RaceDay CheckIn app’s sister application, Ticket App, is designed to go beyond event check-ins. Integrated seamlessly with Square card readers, it transforms into a versatile point-of-sale solution, facilitating seamless merchandise and ticket sales. The recent addition of a waiver mode provides a secure and efficient means for participants to sign waivers.

Diverse Event Day Technology

RunSignup’s commitment to innovation extends beyond scoring and check-in apps. From bib assignment to corral assignment and our photo platform, we offer a comprehensive suite of event day technology. The photo platform is used by more than 17,000 events with 15 million photos, showcasing its widespread adoption and usage.

Check with your timer or RunSignup account manager to see how you can get the most out of RunSignup’s EventDay technology!

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