Core Technology For Running Clubs…

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and usher in the era of cross promotion and automation with RunSignup’s Club Membership Platform.

Membership Management

Upgrade from Excel files to a member management system that automatically sends welcome messages and renewal reminders.


Promote your running club’s races to your members, and encourage race registrants to check out your club through member discounts.

Sell Merchandise

Set up an online store to encourage merchandise sales, both directly on the club website and within the membership registration process.

Key Features of the RunSignup Club Platform

Roster Management & Payment Collection

RunSignup makes it easy for you to manage your roster of members, prompt renewals, and collect payments. Flexible membership options include:

  • Membership for a set number of days or months
  • Membership for a set date range (often used by limited-time training programs)
  • Yearly memberships
  • Individual memberships and/or group/family memberships for more than one person

Membership Reports

Track your members and finances with built-in reporting, including:

  • Searchable lists of members and memberships at the click of a button
  • Exportable reports of non-renewed memberships that are expiring or expired in a given month
  • Full financial reporting including downloadable list of transactions and payments
  • Donation merchandise sold reports

Cross-Promote Races and Clubs

Leverage cross-promotion for your club and your races (or partner races). Cross-promotion functionality includes:

  • Offer race discounts to your members, and membership discounts to the runners who register for your races
  • Let runners sign up for your club and a race in one transaction to encourage new members
  • Automatically recognize (and discount) club members registering for your race, and prompt those who aren’t members to register

Donation Collection

Collect donations to support your club operations or fundraise for a local charity. Donation options include:

  • Ability to customize donation levels to reflect the impact of the donation
  • Goal thermometer to show progress towards your goal
  • Donor list to recognize and thank your donors

Sell Club Merchandise

Set up a simple online store for members to purchase club gear and accessories.

  • Easy setup with custom description and image
  • Ability to offer options such as size or color
  • Inventory tracking based on number of items available
  • Sell merchandise anytime on your website or offer it only during membership purchase

Additional Features For Running Clubs…


Every running club comes with an automatically created, simple website with custom branding options, the ability to add content, and an option to customize your URL. Want more website functionality? Create an Organization website.


Email marketing is integrated into your race website, allowing you to send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts. Up to the minute members lists are automatically included, along with the option to upload any custom contact lists.

Automated Renewal Reminders

Set up automatic membership renewal reminders to go out at specified intervals before a membership expires, ensuring continued participation without manual reporting and member follow-ups.

Race Calendars

Add a custom race calendar to your club page to promote any races directed by your club and highlight other local races that club members expect to attend.

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Club Membership Start Date

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Club Membership Required on Specific Events

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Nearby Race List for Clubs Websites

We have added a “Nearby Races” page to Club Websites. This makes it easy for club members to find and post local races, and can become a draw for local runners to your Club Website. Here is an example of what it look…

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