CRM for Clubs

We have added CRM for Clubs. Now RunSignup customers can do rich CRM reports across their Race Participants, Donors, Fundraisers, Nonprofit Ticket Holders and Club Members with simple filters.

There are several simple filters for Club members:

Combined with the other CRM filters, this can allow clubs to understand which members run which races. This can be used for annual club awards for example, or to give discounts to frequent members.

In this example, we are looking at the Knoxville Track Club, which has over 1,800 members. They host a number of races, such as the Turkey Trot. The CRM Filter the little “vitamin pills” show that we have selected people who have run the Knoxville Turkey Trot at least 2 times and are current club members:

We are interested to hear stories of how you are creatively using the CRM list building capabilities across RunSignup!

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