Interview with Troy Rebert of the Knoxville Track Club

Troy Rebert, timer for the Knoxville Track club, helps coordinate the timing for club races as well as external races throughout the community. The club currently has over 2,000 members. Knoxville Track Club switched to RunSignup’s platform in 2014 after looking for automated result notifications.

Here are a few key takeaways from Troy’s interview. If you are interested in watching the full video, watch below or head over to the RunSignup YouTube channel!

Q: What caused you to start using RunSignup?

A: I believe we started using RunSignup in 2014. We were looking for automated result notifications and RunSignup was able to provide that for us. The other nice part about the results is that they are all in one place. If somebody wants to see what their time was from a marathon one year they are able to go back and see what they did.

Q: How has Knoxville Track Club found RunSignup club features helpful?

A: The benefits of using the club system within RunSignup is that we are able to provide our club members with a $5 club membership discount. The feature is easy to use and lets us set multiple membership levels while keeping that integration to provide discounts for our runners.

Q: How does the RunSignup platform help you with marketing your race?

From a marketing standpoint, having all of our races integrated with RunSignup allows us to contact runners across different races. It’s a huge deal for us to be able to contact past participants who have run with us before but may not be able to run the same race the next year. We are able tell them about different races at a better time for them. We are able to bring those people over to our different races and spread the race experience throughout the community

Q: What is one of your favorite RunSignup features?

A: My favorite feature of RunSignup is probably the customer service. The response time when we are having an issue is practically zero. They just immediately respond to us.

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