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RunSignup does internal Company Calls every few weeks with a rotation of departments giving updates. Recently, we received an update from the EventDay development team on completed advancements and plans for 2024. The team focuses on EventDay products such as RaceDay Scoring, RaceDay CheckIn app, RaceJoy, Mobile Timing App, and TicketSignup App. They also complete the integration with technology partners like Race Result and MYLAPS. We thought it would be interesting for our customers to see the continuous focus on progress the team demonstrates. You can see the specific update on RaceDay Scoring in this blog.

The slides below cover the major projects in addition to RaceDay Scoring that the EventDay team is working on.

RaceDay CheckIn App

The RaceDay CheckIn app is one of our most valued product offerings for race directors and timers alike and it is a priority focus for the EventDay team. We recently released V 3.2.43 (that number will give you an indication of how we continuously improve our products). Over the past several months we have added features like group check in efficiency (for teams, fundraising teams, family members, etc.), multi-waiver signature support, and most recently Medical Tent Mode with “Scan and Care” capabilities and tracking. The team continues to improve and expand the RaceDay CheckIn app’s capabilities and we are excited to see the adoption from races across the country.

Race Result Scoring Integration

Many timers use Race Result as both their hardware vendor as well as their scoring software. We have released the capability to make it easy to sync participants in RunSignup bi-directionally with RaceResult 12 Scoring software to make the process easier for timers. We actually use RaceJoy’s existing Cloud infrastructure to accomplish this integration.


2024 will mark the year we grow RaceJoy from just a GPS device to being a full fledged app for streaming timing data. RaceDay Scoring will stream data via the RaceJoy Cloud infrastructure to allow for features like Timing Notifications and tracking from RFID Chip equipment. This will provide more official and accurate splits for timing mats on the course as well as official finish gun and chip times. We will also do a big refresh on the user interface. We expect RaceJoy will grow in its usage by timers with these new capabilities. Especially since it offers a very cost effective way (it is included in the RaceDay $199 per year subscription) to provide real time updates to spectators.

Mobile Timing App

The Mobile Timing App is becoming an increasingly popular “do everything” app. It is an ideal for replacing Time Machines for backup timing, remote split notifications, trail and Ultra races, and “no frills” races. We are doing some significant infrastructure upgrades to a real SQL database inside the app. We are also refreshing the user experience to make it easier to use. In addition, the EventDay team have plans to offer a convenient Announcer feature by upgrading the streaming of data. Plus, we are planning to add ways to take photos that are easily integrated with our free Photo Platform.

TicketSignup App

We continue to leverage all the lessons learned with our RaceDay CheckIn App in the TicketSignup App, allowing us to have the best ticket app of any vendor in the ticketing space. One of the big features we recently released was the ability to manage things like table assignments for galas. The EventDay team is currently working on integrating with our Next Gen patent pending MTE (multi-day timed entry) capability that we just released into Beta. This will allow events to manage arrivals for those ticket events that are open across many days and time slots. We are also excited to support the Next Gen Membership platform so that participants and ticket holders can check in with their Membership ID. Later this year, we plan on introducing new printing capabilities to expand the types of onsite and pre-purchase paper tickets our system supports.

Q1 2024 EventDay Development Update

Here are slides with more details and screenshots that were shared at our company meeting last week:

We continue to be focused on delivering tools that empower events and timers, and our EventDay team has many great new advancements to come.

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