RunSignup’s Philosophy on Data

We feel strongly that the data collected for your event is YOUR data.  Data is valuable and too many web platforms reuse, market to and claim your data for themselves.  We protect your right to your own data and only use it to provide our services to you.

Easy Data Export

We have a comprehensive reporting and analytics infrastructure allowing you to do everything from analyzing Year-over-Year trends for your event to drilling into the specifics about your supporters.  Our reports have all the bells and whistles: search, filter, save as, graphical representations, rename column headers and of course export.  As an example, our Participants Report gives the event director the power to report on over 80 data elements.  Export options include CSV, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, PDF, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Hy-Tek,, Build Bib Labels.

The impressive set of export options

Open API

The RunSignup API is open and allows the running and events community to use RunSignup data with many other services such as timing, results and other websites.  “Open” means it is free for unrestricted use under the Apache license.  Using our API is a great way to build accurate and real-time integrations utilizing RunSignup data.

More information on The RunSignup | TicketSignup API.

RunSignup Zapier App

API’s provide powerful and flexible ways to interact with RunSignup while still taking advantage of the same logic that is built into the application.  For example, when a developer calls Get Race Participants you can be sure that the access controls built into the application are being honored, and only data accessible to that caller (such as the race director) will be returned.  But building integrations with APIs requires a technical expert with programming skills, and not every organization has those capabilities.  

Zapier is an integration platform that simplifies integrations.  The RunSignup Zapier app provides a wrapper around RunSignup’s API and presents the user with a drag and drop interface to map RunSignup data to target applications available in the Zapier library such as, Donor Perfect, Mailchimp, and thousands of others.  And if you would rather get help on your integration, we have partnered with Sidekick Solutions, a software consulting and integration developer, that has packages available to take the worry out of your integration.

Affiliate Program

The RunSignup Affiliate program is designed to enrich race directories that help runners find races to participate in. Affiliates such as, Race Directors HQ,, Evvnt, or maybe just your local running group can access a live feed of local or national races directly from RunSignup to publish on their own site.  If a participant registers for the event on RunSignup within 30 days of clicking on the link from the Affiliate’s site, the Affiliate earns 15% of the processing fee.  

All the Recent Blogs on Integrations

Meta Overhauls Facebook Fundraisers

Update 9/15/2023 Please see the below blog for a full explanation of the changes to Facebook Fundraisers. We will be reversing the temporary end date of 10/31 that we send to Meta on 9/18 to align with Meta’s switch to Paypal for…

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New Insurance Option for Participants

April 2023 Update: This insurance option is now live! We shut down Allianz insurance sales on Friday March 31 and turned on Protecht insurance on Monday, April 3. For any events that had insurance turned on, there were no sales over the…

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New Zapier App Makes Integration Simple

RunSignup has always had an open API that is free to use to integrate RunSignup data with other applications you might need to share data with. We continue to be committed to expanding our API with our  product to include both RunSignup and…

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Intermittent Issues with Facebook Fundraiser API

Update 4/19/2023 There has been an escalation in reported issues with Meta’s Facebook Fundraiser API. RunSignup is unable to resolve any issues because the issues are occurring on Meta’s platform. If your fundraisers are reporting issues we recommend the following: Update 4/6/2023…

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RunGo Announces Integration with RunSignup

RunSignup’s API offers industry technology providers an easy way to integrate their technology into our platform to provide increased value and a seamless experience for both race organizers and participants. We are pleased to share RunGo’s recent announcement of their integration with  RunSignup‘s platform. RunGo’s integration…

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Ultra Running Magazine Results API Integration

UltraRunning Magazine, known as “the voice of the sport” since 1981, has recently completed an integration with the RunSignup Results API to automate the population of results data on their free and open Ultra Results Listing service. UltraRunning Magazine provides race results…

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RunSignup – Evvnt Integration

With RunSignup, your event gets a free website that’s easy to design and customize. We do a lot to optimize the websites of more than 27,000 events each year, including making sure that your events are easily found online.  One of the…

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SMS (or Text Marketing) Guest Blog from RUNGP

This is a guest blog written by Gerry Perez of RUNGP, an SMS (TXT) provider for endurance events. He talks about the benefits of SMS marketing, and includes some of the RunSignup customers who successfully use his service. Note: RunSignup provides txt messaging…

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Facebook Conversion API Now Supported

RunSignup is now enabled to take advantage of Facebook Conversion API for registration events for improved ad tracking. This feature is enabled for Race events only (Ticket Events will also be supported soon) and will record the activities initiate checkout, purchase and donate.  The world of effective Ad Tracking is…

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Lightbox Customer Migration Frequently Asked Questions

We recently announced a migration of Lightbox registration customers to the RunSignup platform. Lightbox – RunSignup FAQ Why is Lightbox partnering with RunSignup? We have always been focused on how we can help our customers. After analysis of all of the features that…

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U.S. Masters Swimming Membership Support

RunSignup continues to strengthen integrations to sports organizations with our new rollout of real-time membership validation for U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS). USMS has nearly 60,000 members that train together and compete in sanctioned events. With our new integration it is even easier for USMS…

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Selling Training Plans for your Events through Final Surge

Guest Blog from Tim Surface of Final Surge RunSignup has partnered with the online training platform Final Surge to help race event directors increase their revenue and provide training plans to race participants.  Final Surge has been a preferred training platform for athletes and coaches…

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