How RunSignup Supports USA Cycling Events

Many race directors select RunSignup to manage registration for USA Cycling (USAC) sanctioned events. RunSignup assists race directors by helping you comply with the requirements of USAC waiver signatures as well as collecting USAC Membership ID numbers (if required for your type of race). These USAC capabilities are natively built into your RunSignup Race Dashboard alongside all of the other powerful race logistics features race directors and timers have come to enjoy.

USAC Capabilities During RunSignup Registration

Let’s take a deep dive into the capabilities available to manage a USAC race:

USAC Waiver Management: A growing number of cycling and gravel events use USAC for insurance coverage. Part of a race director’s responsibility to comply with USACs insurance requirements is to ensure participants acknowledge the USAC waiver. Once enabled, RunSignup’s registration process will present the waiver to the participant and collect the electronic signature. The signature and signing date is then saved with the registration data and can be reported on if it is ever needed.

USAC License Number Collection: You may want to collect the USAC License Number from the participant. You can enable the collection of USAC License number to occur during registration. The license number is saved with the registration and can be reported on if it is ever needed. Since USAC non-categorized events such as fun rides do not require a USAC License, the user has the option to select “I am not a current USAC Member” and is presented with a link to learn more about the benefits of joining USAC. This is a great way to introduce new athletes to USAC to grow the sport. (Note: there currently is not an electronic connection between RunSignup and USAC so the license number entered cannot be validated as active.)

Let’s take a registration walkthrough…

Here you will see the the USAC License Number is captured along with the participants signature.

Below is how the waiver is presented in an overlay screen, and the participant must view the waiver before they can sign.

Below, if the participant is not a member, they are presented easy links to see how to become one.

And in the following case the system was configured just to present the waiver only.

USAC Waiver Reporting

All of the USAC related data that was collected during registration is stored securely and can be retrieved whenever it is needed. Race directors can customize the Participants Report (and save it) to display this data.

Race directors can further drill into an individual registration to view the exact waiver that they signed, time and date stamp as well as IP of registrant’s device.

How To Configure a Race with USAC Registration Features

From the Race Dashboard in RunSignup go to Financial > Pricing > Memberships or simply search for “USAC”. You can configure USAC settings for all events or a specific event. Select “USA Cycling (USAC) Membership. Enter your USAC Sanction number (To learn more about USAC Sanctioning and insurance benefits visit the USAC Permitting page.

You can customize the text that a user sees under Optional User Notice.

If you do not want to ask users for their USAC License Number and only want to collect waiver signatures, check “Do Not Ask for Membership Information”

Do not forget to press Save Changes button.

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