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NovusMage System is a company in New Hampshire that is pioneering the use of LED Video panels at events such as road races, bike races, triathlons as well as others. They combine dynamic timing and proximity sensors to create a unique, interactive and compelling environment which is informative and innovative for participants. However, these displays have proven to be one-off, custom coded and built systems that are expensive.

NovusMage is currently working with RunSignup to greatly simplify the integration of real time information into large displays.  NovusMage is using the RunSignup Open API and also working on a new direct local connection from RaceDay Scoring for Real Time chip data. Using RaceDay Scoring and the RunSignup platform is cost effective, easy to use, flexible enough to time virtually any event, runs locally on computers to avoid internet outages, and provides the ability to drive and configure LED video panels.

Results Displays

NovusMage already connects to the RunSignup OpenAPI for results data that can drive applications like finisher displays like the one shown below:

Real Time Displays

The new collaboration with RunSignup will take timing data in real time directly from RaceDay Scoring into the NovusMage displays. RaceDay Scoring already has the Websocket API infrastructure in place that’s needed to share data in real time for NovusMage to drive and control the LED panels. NovusMage and RunSignup will work together to implement a system that works with RaceDay Scoring and which will allow any timing company to offer the service of providing compelling, interactive and informative LED panels at their events. 

The Real Time data will enable personalized display board applications like Start, Split and Finish displays like the ones shown below, truly upping the race experience for participants.  Imagine closing in on your first finish of a Marathon and seeing your name displayed on a board like this!  

The Open API based on websocket connections from RaceDay Scoring will be available for timer/vendors that want to easily provide real-time display data as shown here for their events.  RaceDay Scoring does not have to score the event in order to provide for real-time streaming data services.

Further Information

Further information can be found on the NovusMage website, or sending email to or calling (603) 714-4891.

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