RaceDay Scoring Continuous Improvement

RunSignup does internal Company Calls every few weeks with a rotation of departments giving updates. Recently, we did an update from the Event Day Team software development team who focus on RaceDay Scoring advancements. The slides below review all the features we have added to RaceDay Scoring since we did the big Version 4.0 release in August in 2023 and the innovation plans for the coming year. In addition, we announced the simplified “old school” pricing of only $199 annual subscription for any timing company last week.

Recent Advancements

RaceDay Scoring offers todays timers a modern scoring tool that will only get better and better. For example, since the RaceDay Scoring 4.0 release, we have completed:

  • 23 releases with continuous incremental improvements (average 3 releases a month!)
  • MyLaps Cloud Integration that we demonstrated at the MyLaps Conference
  • Estimated Finish Time integration with TXT and Split Notifications
  • Cross Country Scoring Updates with features like Dual Meet Team Summary, improved team roster import, enable tier two scoring, etc.
  • Super and Sub Event Improvements to work even better with complex RunSignup race setups like multi-week series.
  • Easier Unknown Read Management
  • Relative Time Filters
  • Corral Member Counts

See more details on these improvement in the slide below.

Plans for 2024

And of course, we have lots more planned this year, including:

  • Series Scoring with Custom Calculated Field builder in RaceDay Scoring that will be tightly integrated with the Next Gen platform series scoring we are working on.
  • Production release of MyLaps Cloud Scoring when MyLaps officially launches its Cloud Scoring.
  • RaceJoy integration that will bring dual mode Chip and GPS splits, tracking, and alerts.
  • Lap Race improvements, including “Last person Standing”, Last Lap Completed, Number of Laps Finished, Total Lap Distance, and Total Time Data Fields (needed for creating a recent laps leaderboard reports), and Distance adjustments for partial lap credit.
  • Announcer Improvements

Q1 2024 RaceDay Scoring Development Update

We continue to be excited by the opportunity to help timers with modern technology at an affordable price. Keep giving us ideas and we will keep improving for the long run!

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