RaceDay Scoring v4.0.11 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Updated RaceDay Hub Announcer Kiosk Window to show settings immediately after launching.

We’ve noticed that people often forget to adjust the Timing Locations displayed in the announcer window until after reads have already been displayed in the window. To address this, we now display the settings screen upon launching so you can customize the window immediately.

Updated the Participant CSV Export to not include empty columns of data.

Updated the Participant Import flow to make it more clear which ID field you are using to update based on, and whether you are adding records, updating records, or both.

We now provide two checkboxes when mapping an ID field, allowing you to choose whether the import should be processed as adds, updates, or both.

Added a Close All button to all pop up messages.

Updated Print Status Reporting.

We have resolved some problems and enhanced the printing experience by providing more detailed updates to the user regarding the current print job status. Although printing large reports may still require some time, we will now display the progress more effectively.

Updated Raw Reads View to show all instances of a Raw Read.

When a Race has a single Stream mapped to multiple locations, the reads are copied and subjected to each location’s filters to determine if they are accepted or ignored. However, we only displayed the ignored reason for one of these reads, which can be problematic if it doesn’t provide the necessary information for the user. To address this issue, we now show if there are multiple reads generated from a single read and display all the reasons why it was ignored at each possible location it could be valid for. This is done for clarity and to make it easier for users to understand that one read that can be utilized at multiple locations.

Note: If a Race uses a Stream connected to multiple locations, the raw read count will be inflated to account for each instance of a possible read. However, the Scored Read counts will remain unchanged.

Updated Raw Reads Table Display for better readability

We now highlight and make Raw Read rows bold as you hover over them, making it easier to see the data you are focusing on.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing the “Disregard Every Other Lap” setting to not work for Lap Races.

Fixed an issue when adding participants in the RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk.

Fixed an issue where super-event Participants in Lap Races were not getting their DNF flags removed.

Fixed an issue when using == operator for open ended fields that happened to have numbers.

Corrected an issue where columns marked as hidden in RaceDay Scoring would not be hidden at RunSignup, but removed completely.

Fixed an issue where the raw reads view would display the hardware name in lowercase.

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