MYLAPS Cloud Timing with RaceDay Scoring

New MYLAPS Cloud Timing Stream Types

MYLAPS is set to unveil its Cloud Timing innovation later this year, marking a significant stride in empowering timers with enhanced control over their data for centralized timing. In anticipation of this launch, we have integrated RaceDay Scoring with MYLAPS’ cloud timing technology, providing timers with a straightforward connection between the two platforms using their organization’s API key.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up the MYLAPS Cloud Timing integration:

  1. Rollout and Stream Setup:
    Once MYLAPS Cloud Timing is introduced, timers can easily configure it as a new stream type within RaceDay Scoring. To initiate the setup, timers will utilize their API KEY from the organization’s MYLAPS Timing Portal, enabling them to effortlessly pull event information from the cloud timing into RaceDay Scoring.
  2. Stream Customization:
    Timers can then create distinct streams in RaceDay Scoring, tailoring them to different timelines established within MYLAPS’ cloud timing. This ensures a flexible and personalized integration that aligns with the specific needs of each event.
  3. Versatile Streaming Options:
    The integration provides comprehensive support for both live real-time streaming and controlled or rewind functionality, allowing timers to access historical data for a given event. Moreover, our interface accommodates both bib passing data and gunshot markers, enhancing the depth of information available to timers.
  4. Effortless Transition:
    Once timers complete the initial setup, the subsequent steps in RaceDay Scoring remain intuitive and user-friendly providing a smooth and efficient experience for timers.

Stay tuned for the highly anticipated launch of MYLAPS Cloud Timing – a game-changer in the realm of timing technology, offering timers control and versatility in managing event data.

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