Local Offline Scoring

No Internet required for scoring. Cloud-based backups and management.

Data Auto Sync

Bidirectional automatic synching between registration data, scoring kiosks, and RaceDay CheckIn app.

Flexible Info Collection

For simple to complex scenarios – from standard road race to aggregate team scoring, lap events, and cross country events. 

Open Scoring System

Designed with an open platform. Use with any timing equipment and any registration software. 

RaceDay Scoring Video Support

More of a “show me” type than a “tell me” type? Check out all the latest videos on RaceSay Scoring, from 30-second updates to full platform demos.

What Timers Are Saying About RaceDay Scoring

“I hate change! But I like the ease of RDS and the integration with RunSignup is a big time saver. They keep improving and adding requested features, too.”

– Terri LaPoint Kaczor

“I got into timing 3-4 years ago so I went straight to RaceDay Scoring. As someone who was a beginner, I found RDS to be very intuitive, easy to understand, and the support is great.”

– Jimmy Balmer

“We were reluctant to change after using the same software for 12 years. We have no regrets changing; do it!

– Ryan Walsh

RaceDay Scoring Training

We invite timers to become RaceDay Scoring Certified by completing this free training course. The material provided provides a basic understanding of how to set up and use RaceDay Scoring. You can complete the recorded course on your own time and pace by watching this recorded class.

Use these files: Participant List and Chip Read File.

RaceDay Scoring Refresher

If you are already certified and just need a quick brush up on RaceDay Scoring, watch this shortened session of the full certification course. 

Contact Us

Feel free to schedule one-on-one training to talk through how to use RaceDay Scoring and get your questions answered. 

raceday@runsignup.com | (267) 603-1469

Latest on RaceDay Scoring

Names, But No DOB or Gender – What Can a Timer Do?

Timers encounter all sorts of issues that come from all angles – whether it be user error, technology not working correctly, or inclement weather. Hang around some timers, and you will be sure to hear some interesting stories of how they got themselves out of a jam.

One such story comes from Jason Chance, owner of TCR Event Management/Revolution3. Jason recently shared his personal experience dealing with a race registration scenario where essential details were missing; the participants’ dates of birth (DOB) and gender. These details are required to provide official scored results, particularly for age-group and gender-specific awards.

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Real Time Display Boards – Novus Mage

NovusMage System is a company in New Hampshire that is pioneering the use of LED Video panels at events such as road races, bike races, triathlons as well as others. They combine dynamic timing and proximity sensors to create a unique, interactive…

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Development Progress in Early 2024

We have all company meetings every 2-3 weeks where different departments share their progress over the past 10-12 weeks. Over the past two weeks we had our Platform team and then our Event Day development teams present, and we thought we would…

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RaceDay Primer for Race Directors

Today, technology advancements now means any sized race can offer many of the same race day features that even the largest races, like the NYC Marathon, offers. All races can now offer real time tracking, split alerts based on timing equipment on the course, officially scored finish times within seconds of participants’ finishing, txt notifications, online photos, and more. In addition, newer technology innovations like dynamic bib assignment are bring a host of advantages such as reduced cost, greater efficiencies, and more revenue by allowing registration to remain open even after the gun goes off. But much of this is kind of a mystery to race directors, and this blog aims to help race directors understand all that is available to them so that they can deliver the quality of a big race experience regardless of the event size and budget.

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RaceDay Scoring Continuous Improvement

RunSignup does internal Company Calls every few weeks with a rotation of departments giving updates. Recently, we did an update from the Event Day Team software development team who focus on RaceDay Scoring advancements. The slides below review all the features we have added to RaceDay Scoring since we did the big Version 4.0 release in August in 2023 and the innovation plans for the coming year.

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RaceDay Scoring – Old Time Pricing for Today’s Timers

We are simplifying the price of RaceDay Scoring again! It is now a single subscription of $199 per year for each timing company. This is inspired by the two OG’s – Alan Jones and Roger Bradshaw. They set the standard for scoring software and the standard for pricing. Like Alan and Roger, we have another source of income that allows us to invest in building, delivering and supporting RaceDay Scoring for Todays Timers. We realize timers are the backbone of the endurance community and we want to support them with modern software.

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MYLAPS Cloud Timing with RaceDay Scoring

MYLAPS is set to unveil its Cloud Timing innovation later this year, marking a significant stride in empowering timers with enhanced control over their data for centralized timing. In anticipation of this launch, we have integrated RaceDay Scoring with MYLAPS’ cloud timing technology, providing timers with a straightforward connection between the two platforms using their organization’s API key.

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Empowering Timers with Event Day Innovation

Watch this video for Bob Bickel’s insights into RunSignup’s strategy to help timers provide foundational technology for race events. In the fast-paced world of event management, where every second counts, leveraging cutting-edge technology is the key to success.

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Race Result Scoring and RunSignup Integration

There are many timers in the US that use Race Result for scoring and RunSignup for Registration. RunSignup will release an integration in January, 2024 to support timers who use both systems.  We are seeking feedback and initial beta testers in late December,…

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RaceDay in The Keys: Islamorada Half Marathon

RunSignup’s RaceDay’s software developers and support teams recently had the pleasure of joining one of our valued timers, Race Day Professionals (RDP), at the Islamorada Running Company’s yearly event in scenic Islamorada, Florida. During this year’s race event, RDP’s Steve and Ronni Turrisi expertly utilized RunSignup’s RaceDay suite of technology and extended a warm welcome to our team. This collaboration provided our developers with a firsthand look into the life of a timer and a chance to see the practical application of the technology they themselves build and support. We were very impressed with RDP’s dedication to providing a quality experience for their race director and participants alike.

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