RaceDay Scoring is easy for new timers to learn and is designed to be used with all endurance types of events – from 5Ks to ultras and cross country, from individual to aggregate teams and lap events. Whether you have a running event, a triathlon, or any other mass participation sport, RaceDay Scoring has the timer’s needs in mind. 

Local Offline Scoring

No Internet required for scoring. Cloud-based backups and management.

Data Auto Sync

Bidirectional automatic synching between registration data, scoring kiosks, and RaceDay CheckIn app.

Flexible Info Collection

For simple to complex scenarios – from standard road race to aggregate team scoring, lap events, and cross country events. 

Open Scoring System

Designed with an open platform. Use with any timing equipment and any registration software. 

What Timers Are Saying About RaceDay Scoring

“I hate change! But I like the ease of RDS and the integration with RunSignup is a big time saver. They keep improving and adding requested features, too.”

– Terri LaPoint Kaczor

“I got into timing 3-4 years ago so I went straight to RaceDay Scoring. As someone who was a beginner, I found RDS to be very intuitive, easy to understand, and the support is great.”

– Jimmy Balmer

“We were reluctant to change after using the same software for 12 years. We have no regrets changing; do it!

– Ryan Walsh

RaceDay Scoring Training

We invite timers to become RaceDay Scoring Certified by completing this free training course. The material provided provides a basic understanding of how to set up and use RaceDay Scoring. You can complete the recorded course on your own time and pace by watching this recorded class.

Use these files: Participant List and Chip Read File.

RaceDay Scoring Video Page

More of a “show me” type than a “tell me” type? Check out all the latest videos on your free email platform, from 30-second updates to full platform demos.

RaceDay Scoring Refresher

If you are already certified and just need a quick brush up on RaceDay Scoring, watch this shortened session of the full certification course. 

Contact Us

Feel free to schedule one-on-one training to talk through how to use RaceDay Scoring and get your questions answered. 

raceday@runsignup.com | (267) 603-1469

Latest on RaceDay Scoring

Navigating Race Timing in the Frozen North

In the world of race timing, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, especially for those operating in unique and challenging environments. In a recent webinar, Mark Iverson from Skinny Raven, an event timing and production company based in Anchorage, Alaska, shed light on the intricacies of managing events in this frozen corner of the world. From extreme weather conditions to moose encounters, Skinny Raven has faced it all. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the webinar to explore their experiences and the tools used to navigate these challenges.

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RaceDay Scoring v4.0.15 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Implemented “Events to Sync” Functionality. Under the Participant Sync tab, you will now be able to select/de-select Registration Events to sync in this Race by opening up the “Events to Sync” Panel at the top of the page, and adding/removing…

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RaceDay Scoring v4.0.14 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Implemented Tier-2 Cross Country Scoring Please note that this feature is exclusively available for Cross Country. It enables you to automatically divide a team into two versions, “Tier 1” and “Tier 2”, based on the finish order of the members….

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RaceDay Scoring v4.0.11 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Updated RaceDay Hub Announcer Kiosk Window to show settings immediately after launching. We’ve noticed that people often forget to adjust the Timing Locations displayed in the announcer window until after reads have already been displayed in the window. To address…

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RaceDay Scoring v4.0.9 is Now Available!

Feature Updates When adding a Scored Event, we now use the default Race Date instead of the current date for the approximate start time of day date. Added a restriction so that it is only possible to include one dual meet report…

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Improved Results Views

We have made a number of nice improvements to the Results page for race websites, as well as added control of the display during race setup. The features include: Clearer Choices for Viewers This allows for quicker picking of which result year…

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Announcing RaceDay Scoring V4.0 – for Today’s Timers

PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT We are very excited to announce RaceDay Scoring version 4.0! Designed for today’s timers, RaceDay Scoring is a powerful scoring software that has become the go-to solution for scoring and providing official race results at endurance events nationwide, including running,…

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RaceDay Scoring v4 is Now Available!

We are excited to introduce RaceDay Scoring v4, featuring an improved read processing system developed over the past 8-9 months. The new system significantly enhances application performance when handling large volumes of read data, and eliminates previously required recalculation steps when changing…

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RaceDay Scoring v3.2.48 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Added a Last Completed Segment Time of Day Field. This field displays the most recent time of day when each participant successfully completed a Segment. This real-time information allows you to monitor participant progress more accurately and make informed decisions…

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RaceDay Scoring v3.3.43 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Added Login/Out and RunSignup Timer Selection functionality to the main Dashboard and Race List pages. You can now view and change which RunSignup User account and Timer Account you are using before logging into a Race. This will help with…

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