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Local Windows Application Features

  • No internet connection required for scoring
  • Ability to easily export and import race definitions between computers
  • Backup and restore scoring setup files to/from the cloud

Participant Features

  • Real-time automatic participant data syncing with RunSignUp’s RaceDay Cloud
  • Quick Mode for fast onsite participant data entry
  • Quick links to participant information from any part of the app
  • Real-time data issues report alerting user to potential data issues like missing genders or ages
  • Automatic data actions to resolve data issues

Real-time Results Features

  • Real-time event leaderboards and announcer windows give you a quick view into your result standings as reads come in
  • Easy troubleshooting with the ability to view raw data and reasons why chip reads may be ignored

Chip Scoring Features

  • All major chip systems supported, including Chronotrack, MyLaps, Race Result, RFID, IPICO, Trident, RM Timing, Active Timing, Agee Race Timing, and many other potential systems via custom file stream format definition

Manual Timing Features

  • Basic option to record times manually with more features planned
  • Scoring of multiple events at once (5k, 10k, half marathon, etc)
  • Scored event grouping to combine multiple registration events into a single group for scoring
  • Age group scoring for each scored event
  • Top finisher category scoring for each scored event
  • Custom top finisher categories can be created using filters on a variety of data – even custom questions (Athena/Clydesdale!)
  • Multi-segment or splits supported for events within a race
  • Separate start times for each scored event within a race
  • Aggregate team scoring to handle corporate cup style races as well as cross country events
  • Lap race support, where participants are competing to see who can run the most distance on a set loop over some time
  • RaceDay Hub allows local communication between multiple devices running RaceDay Scoring to support different functions on kiosk computers connected:
    • Participant data entry/updates
    • Results displays/lookups
    • Relay team scoring
  • Custom computed fields and data actions to create calculated fields and update data in real-time based on conditions for advanced use cases.

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