RaceDay Scoring – Old Time Pricing for Today’s Timers

We have further simplified the price of RaceDay Scoring! It is now a single subscription of $199 per year for each timing company. This is inspired by the two OG’s – Alan Jones and Roger Bradshaw. They set the standard for scoring software and the standard for pricing. Like Alan and Roger, we have another source of income that allows us to invest in building, delivering and supporting RaceDay Scoring for Todays Timers. We realize timers are the backbone of the endurance community and we want to support them with modern software.

RaceDay Scoring subscriptions can be used by all the timers at a company – so send 5 teams out on a Saturday morning and have them all synced back with the central office for updates and control for the single low price of $199 per year.

RaceDay Scoring includes:

  • Powerful scoring software for any size or complexity of event with V4.
  • Local execution on a PC, but syncing via the cloud – providing the best of both worlds. With a click of a button, a central timer can update the scoring for any of the teams in the field, enabling timers to grow their businesses.
  • Seamless syncing of RunSignup Participants, and an open API so any registration provider can sync participants they want.
  • Seamless upload of results with splits, multisport, team scoring, lap scoring, XC scoring, etc.
  • Advanced automations to ease things like in race event switching (full to half marathon), DNF, DNS, out of range times and splits, etc.
  • Free Mobile Timing App as a modern Time Machine connected to the Cloud for remote split points and manual review for finish times.
  • Free Unlimited TXT messaging and email for splits and results to participants and spectators. Split notifications also included estimated finish time now.
  • Free unlimited automatically tagged photos.
  • Free time-based integrated video.
  • Digital finisher certificates.
  • Integrated with the industry’s leading Checkin App for last minute race changes and additions.

And we continue to invest in improving RaceDay Scoring (we average 2-3 releases a month!) to make it the best solution for Todays Timers.

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