Announcing RunSignup Registration Integration with Race Result Scoring

We are happy to announce that we have completed our integration between RunSignup Registration and Race Result Scoring software so that RunSignup registration customers who use Race Result 12 to time and score their Races will easily be able to sync their registration data from RunSignup directly into Race Result 12.

This integration includes the following features:

  • Easy upload of participants from RunSignup to Race Result
  • Full participant information, including questions and membership data values along with the RunSignup Registration ID is uploaded to Race Result.
  • Team Name and Team BIB values are synced for Relay and Aggregate Scoring to Additional Fields which can be named as needed by timers.
  • Bi-directional syncing of additions and changes on both sides.  Make any change or add a participant in Race Result, and we update this information in RunSignup.  Make any change or add a participant in RunSignup, and we update this in Race Result.
  • RunSignup Registration and Checkin App bib assignment on race day is fully supported by this approach.  Information is updated in near real time.

This feature is currently in beta for the next few weeks as we get feedback from our customers on their experience using the integration.

Training and Setup

Use the following setup instructions below to learn how to setup this integration. You can also watch our recent webinar previewing this feature which includes a in-depth training on the integration and walkthrough of the setup process.


RunSignup has always had a commitment to the Timing Community. We have always believed in an Open Platform, and it is why all of the scoring software packages have done an integration with our Open API. We have a number of timing partners who have expressed frustration in the lack of a good integration between Race Result and RunSignup. We hope this integration meets the needs of timers who use both systems. Let us know your feedback and we will continue to try to support and improve this integration for many years to come.

For more information on this new integration, please contact

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