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About Negative Split Productions

Negative Split Productions is a full-service event production company with a second company that specializes in the production of extreme triathlons, Extreme Endurance Events LLC. Inspired by the Norseman Extreme Triathlon, Tony Sapp set out to bring similar events to the United States. Currently operating three extreme triathlons, the Alaskaman Man Extreme Triathlon, the Iceland Extreme Triathlon, and the Alohaman Extreme Triathlon. Each triathlon offers breathtaking views of the area’s scenery. In addition to their extreme triathlons, they also host the world’s second largest kids triathlon, the Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon. Asides from triathlons, Negative Split Productions offers timing and results services, custom award displays, and event consulting.

The Importance of Raceday Certification

RunSignup has a collection RaceDay technologies that help race directors and timers speed up their race day processes. Tony Sapp from Negative Split Productions uses his RaceDay certification to implement several products from the RaceDay suite, such as automatic bib assignment and RaceDay CheckIn. These applications streamline the check in process on race day to cut down lines. The applications included in RunSignup’s RaceDay suite help race directors differentiate their race from other races. By getting certified through a RaceDay certification workshop, race directors can guarantee that they are being properly trained in using the software.

Similar to RunSignup’s race management features, our RaceDay suite is constantly being updated to provide users with the best experience. “As a technology person, I like staying up to date on the latest things available, and RunSignup offers alot of those things.” Whether you are technology savvy like Tony or still learning, you can take your race to the next level by getting RaceDay certified.

“RunSignup offers a lot of things that I’ve never thought I would use. I saw becomingRaceDay certified as an opportunity to expand my knowledge to give me more tools to access on race day.”

Tony Sapp – Co-Founder of Negative Split Productions

Using the RaceDay Suite

Automatic Bib Assignment

Negative Split Productions uses automatic bib assignments to pre-assign bib numbers to their runners. This allows races to assign bibs for their participants ahead of time rather than at packet pickup. RunSignup’s bib assignment options allow Negative Split Productions to tailor to specific races. RunSignup also offers dynamic bib assignment so races can simply assign bibs to runners at the expo/event. To view your bib assignment options, go to Race Dashboard >> Go Race Day >> Bibs.

RaceDay CheckIn

RaceDay CheckIn has been one of Negative Split Production’s biggest time- savers on race day. The downloadable app eliminates the need for piles of printed spreadsheets and allows the volunteers to quickly look up a runner by name. Race directors can see how efficiently CheckIn volunteers are. working. Simply ask volunteers to download the app and provide your password. To enable RaceDay CheckIn for your next race, go to Race Dashboard >> Go Race Day >> RaceDay CheckIn.


Negative Split Productions offers RaceJoy tracking for any race, from 5Ks to triathlons. The feature uses GPS tracking for spectators and race directors to track runners at any second in the race. It can be used as both an interactive feature for a race or safety during more extreme running events. With their knowledge of the service, Negative Split Productions offers it as an add-on service to their timing service. To set up RaceJoy for your race, go to Race Dashboard >>RaceJoy >> Setup.

A Key RaceDay Benefit

When Tony takes on a new customer, he always asks what platforms they use for their race. While he doesn’t want to force new clients to use RunSignup, he likes to reiterate the benefits of the RunSignup platform. The benefits of the RaceDay Suite have been widely successful in allowing him to sell to new customers, giving them the opportunity to make the switch.

Key Takeaways

1. Getting RaceDay certified ensures that Negative Split Productions will be able to provide top-notch RaceDay features to their clients.

2. The RaceJoy application within RunSignup creates an interactive experience between runners and spectators while also acting as a safety measure for runners on the course.

3. Negative Split Productions takes advantage of RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite to speed up RaceDay processes and differentiate themselves from competitors.

“The RaceDay Scoring Suite really has a lot of that make anything starting from packet pickup all the way through race day very easy and integrated”

To read other customer case studies, you can visit the RunSignup website, or check out our YouTube channel.

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