California Triathlon Offers Insurance Alternative for Triathlons

After 2 years of work, California Triathlon is pleased to announce the California Triathlon Endorsed Race Director Insurance Program.  At only $2.50 per participant, it offers an affordable insurance alternative for triathlons.

A growing consortium of race directors from coast to coast will be utilizing the California Triathlon Endorsed Race Director Insurance Program to insure their triathlons.  It is good news for race directors and their athletes.  

  • An insurance product that meets or exceeds almost all municipal requirements in 50 states
  • Athletes pay significantly lower insurance fees
  • Race Directors keep their athlete data 100% safe from email harvesting
  • Does not require significant technical integration

“Race directors are eager for a product similar to the USA Track & Field (USATF) insurance model.  A comprehensive product at a modest fee and no loss of consumer data to third parties.  It puts race directors back in control.”, said Thom Richmond, Founder California Triathlon.  Cal Tri Events has enjoyed a seamless experience with this type of insurance for a few years and the interest from other race directors set California Triathlon on a mission to create an affiliate program that could be used in all 50 states.

The program is simple to implement with three steps:

  • Step #1.  Race Directors get in touch with California Triathlon (email and complete the following as part of the onboarding process
    • California Triathlon Affiliation Agreement
    • Cal Tri Risk Management Plan Agreement
    • Use of The Cal Tri Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, and Indemnification Agreement
  • Step #2.  After the RD is onboarded, the RD uses this link to request insurance with an estimated participation
    • Sadler Insurance is notified of a new request and processes the insurance request and documentation
    • The request is only processed if Step #1 has already been completed.  Otherwise, we have to work backwards.
  • Step #3.  Post race, California Triathlon submits and invoice to the RD
    • California Triathlon is the vendor of record to the RDs.
    • $2.50 per participant fee based on actual participants ~ not registered athletes.  
    • This is a true pass through from the insurance company to the RD.  
    • Payment terms are agreed upon in the California Triathlon Affiliation Agreement

California Triathlon has been using the “Extra Fee” feature in RunSignup to have the participants pay the extra $2.50 fee.

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