USA Triathlon Ticket Socket Partnership

We have gotten some questions about USATriathlon promoting Ticket Socket. Two points.

  1. There is no obligation for a triathlon to switch from RunSignup to Ticket Socket. We continue to be the second largest provider of registration for triathlons after Active/Ironman. We continue to support the USAT API, and are collaborating with them on their new API implementation.
  2. RunSignup declined the offer to become the exclusive sponsor for USATriathlon. We felt that spending over $200,000 per year was not a good use of our resources that could be better spent on software development. Here is a copy of their offer:

We remain completely committed to the triathlon community. We sold over $1,000,000 of USATriathlon memberships on our platform in 2019, and it is an important part of our business. We even added triathlon specific features to our Challenge Platform in 2020 to help our triathlon customers over these difficult times.

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