Picking the Right Team Type for Your Race

RunSignup has three different places you can enable a team option. This page will focus on the options within standard groups/teams, but your first step is to review the differences between groups/teams, fundraising teams, and corporate teams and make sure you’re setting up the right one for your event.


Groups/Teams are the most common solution, ideal for social, competitive, or relay teams. With flexible pricing options and simple setup options,

Fundraising Teams

Fundraising teams are perfect for races with a heavy donation focus. Fundraising teams are about the fundraising, not the race, even allowing non-participants to join the fun.

Corporate Teams

Corporate Teams are a powerful invoicing tool specifically for complex team-based races with variable payment options for teams sponsored by companies or other organizations.

Key Features for Groups/Teams

Flexible Setup

Enable teams that meet the unique needs of your event.

  • Allow or require team creation or joining within the registration path or after registration
  • Create open team options or restrict your teams by gender, size, or age ranges
  • Option to allow or require passwords for team joining
  • Team captains with edit capabilities and reporting access

Incentivize with Pricing

Encourage and reward team joining with creative team pricing options.

  • Offer a discount when teams reach a pre-determined size, with automatic refunds for participants who already joined the team
  • Charge a setup fee for each team as an option to customize pricing

Promote Your Teams

Promote your team options to drive more social registrations.

  • Customize your website with custom content and displays on your cover page
  • Add text to your confirmation email promoting team benefits
  • Enable registration follow-up emails that promote team sharing

Group/Team Reporting

Track your teams and easily communicate with team members.

  • Easily view and download reports showing all your groups and teams along with contact information for every team member
  • Quickly view and download reports with all team captains
  • Access automatic email lists for all members of your groups/teams and all team captains
30% of Participants Join a Team When Offered
7 is the size of an Average Team

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