Better Team Results support for Teams and Cross Country

We are happy to announce a whole new generation of Team Results on RunSignup. While it helps improve the previous team results capabilities tremendously, we are probably most excited by the support for Cross Country Results (probably because there are a bunch of cross country nerds working here at RunSignup).

As covered in the Team Results API blog post, team and cross country results are supported in The Race Director today and will be supported in RaceDay Scoring in July. The screen shots below are generated from The Race Director automatically – there is no real setup on RunSignup required.

Lots of nice features, including:

  • Auto-refresh options so everyone can just have their phone browser open to see near real time team results.
  • Options to show the number of places
  • Multiple result sets for cross country meets with multiple races
  • Quick search for team or bib
  • Hide member list and just show totals
  • Nice individual team summary pages
  • Detailed team reports

XC Team Results List/Summary

The Team Results List will show the top Teams included in a Team Result Set.
In this example, the settings to “Display under/over Team Size Scores” was enabled, so we can automatically show the “<5” and “>7” values for the Team Placement Scores.
Use the dropdown to switch from one Team Result Set to another.
Use the “Auto-Refresh Interval” dropdown to enable an automatic refresh of results on this page.
You are able to search through the Team Results List by Team Name or Team Bib (number).
Use the “Hide Member Placements and Results” toggle then the “Search” button to condense the data shown in the report.
The condensed Team Results List when “Hide Member Placements and Results” is enabled.

XC Team Member Results Popup

Click the icon next to the Top 5 Places to quickly view a list of team members, their scores and times.

XC Detailed Team Results

Like any XC fan, we are hopeful for a real season this fall and plenty of timers, races and teams can make use of these beautiful new results capabilities.

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