Registration Protection Insurance

RunSignup allows races to offer Registration Protection Insurance through our partner, Protecht’s FanShield-RegShield. This isn’t registration you buy: it’s registration that your participants can opt to buy. When you enable this feature, it gives participants the option to purchase insurance for their entry during their registration. If they need to cancel for a covered reason, all interaction (and their refund) goes directly through Protecht.

How Registration Protection Insurance Works…

You Enable Insurance

Registration protection insurance can be enabled at the end of your race setup wizard, or from your dashboard. You can enable it for all events, or only for specific events.

Participant Buys Insurance

Once enabled, registrants will see the option to purchase registration protection within their purchase path. They will get an email directly from Protecht regarding filing any claims.

Participant Files Claim

If a participant cannot run their race due to a covered issue like illness or travel interruptions, they file their claim directly with Protecht. No customer service needed from you, and the refund is not taken from your race funds.

You Earn Revenue

Your event earns 20% of the insurance premiums generated from your race. At a minimum, that’s $0.60 per participant who purchases – with no action or financial outlay on your end.

How Registration Protection Insurance Benefits Your Race

Early Registration

The goal of every race director? Get runners to register early. Participant insurance provides the peace of mind that drives earlier registration.

Reduced Customer Service

No matter what refund policy your participants agree to, there will always be someone who wants a refund for an unexpected situation. With Registration Protection Insurance, you don’t have do decide what is (and isn’t) a valid reason.

Increased Revenue

Revenue from registration protection insurance isn’t going to transform your race budget. But with tight margins and increasing prices, a little extra revenue is always nice – especially when you’re getting paid to do less.

$2.99 Minimum Cost to Participant
No Customer Service
20% Premium Revenue for Race

How Registration Protection Insurance Benefits Your Participants

Protect Against Uncertainty

Life happens. Insurance means recouping money paid when significant occurrences, such as a death in the family, injury, or illness, means participating is no longer viable. A basic list of what’s covered can be found here.

Affordable Protection

One of the reason we chose to partner with Protecht RegShield is the affordability of the product to your participants. The pricing is a minimum charge of $2.99 (for transactions up to $24.99). This means insurance is a reasonable option even for events with low registration fees.

Resources for Participants

We recommend that you have participants communicate all insurance questions directly with Protecht to ensure accurate answers. This How-To can help them contact Protecht and work out any claims.

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