Key Technology for Collecting Donations…


Create a donation page that catches the attention of your participants with engaging photos and custom wording.


Track all of your incoming donations with custom reports. Reporting includes any manually imported donations as well.


Keep everything easy and streamlined. Manage all of your donations and registrations with one platform, one login, and one account.

Brand Your Website with GiveSignup

Did you know that you can use the alternate URL of for your event if you want to take the focus off the athletics (or if it’s not a run at all)? No extra steps are required: with our Single Sign On System for multiple brands, the race you create can be accessed from either or The functionality is the same, but the branding is perfect for your event.

Collect Donation for your Events

Donation Levels

Create custom donation levels that will motivate each participant to donate according to their ability. Provide a wide range of donation amounts; you never know who will select the top level.

Add in descriptions that explain what that specific donation amount will be used towards and create unique titles for each level. For Example:

  • Basic Levels: Bronze ($10), Silver ($100), Gold ($500) and Platinum ($1,000)
  • Focused on the Cause: An Entree ($10), One Meal ($25), A Family Feast ($100), a Month of Food ($500)
41.6% of Donations Are For Less Than $10
0.4% of Donations Are For More Than $500
14.7% of Donation Dollars Are From Donations of More Than $500

Multiple Charity Partners

Working with multiple charity partners? RunSignup makes it easy to manage and raise donations for each of your charity partners. When participants go to donate, they can select which fund to donate to.

  • Easily manage and set up direct payments for your charity partners
  • Flexible charity partner display options
  • Customize each charity partner’s profile with logos, descriptions, and donation goals

Donation Checkbox

Give your participants a last chance option to donate upon completing registration with a quick and easy checkbox. Don’t overlook this feature, as it can bring great value. Every small $5 or $1 donation can make or break your overall goal!

  • Set low-dollar donation option that the participant can opt into at checkout for a higher donation rate
  • Checkbox only shows if registrant did not donate during registration
  • Show only one Charity at checkout or rotate between charities to show
Adding a Donation Checkbox Increases the Number of Donations by 311%
Events with Integrated Donations & a Checkbox Option Average 152 Donations

Corporate Matching

RunSignup makes it simple to accommodate corporate matching programs.

  • Integrations with Double the Donation and HEPdata
  • Races with that work with Double the Donation or HEPdata can prompt donors to search for their company to view the company’s maximum matched donation

Some of Our Favorite Donation Pages

Integrated Donations Made Easy

Start collecting donations for your event with our step by step support guides.

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