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Your race website is your central hub for participants to learn about your event and get registered, create a seamless and professional website with RunSignup’s free website builder. New features are always getting released, watch how to implement new website capabilities to keep a fresh look and excellent user experience. Browse our growing library of website tips and quick chats with fellow race directors.

Websites V2 Are Here!

We have released our next generation websites product, with an easy point-and-click website builder, unlimited content pages, and customizable style so your brand is always first. Legacy websites still work, but we recommend starting to transition your content to Websites V2 as you prepare to renew for the following event.

Legacy Websites

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Latest On-Demand Webinars

Ticket Revenue for Timers

Using TicketSignup to Add Tickets to Race Related Events Timers have an opportunity to easily add ticket revenue to their business with minimal effort using RunSignup’s TicketSignup technology. Most events timers are already working with offer other types of events that use…

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RunSignup Race Discount and Voucher Tools

Event organizers can use RunSigup’s vouchers, discounts, and coupons to encourage registrations, manage deferrals, reward volunteers and staff, recognize loyal participants and others for their role in the community. This recorded webinar gives a quick overview of how to set up these tools in your race wizard.

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Guest Timer Insights: Zack Loggins

The recorded Timer Tip Tuesday below hosts special guest, Zack Loggins, founder of Georgia-based Runners Fit Race Works timing and event management company. Zack started his timer business in 2010 while at college in north Georgia to help pay for his tuition and pulled from his personal experience as a runner. His first year resulted in timing 60 events and he has grown the business to now provide timing and event services for an expected 200 events this year.

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Fast Registration for Timers

The recorded webinar below offers timers guidance on ways to create an efficient registration experience for their events that can be applied for various date ranges or settings. RunSignup offers setup options specifically designed to create Fast Registrations found on the event’s dashboard. Events can offer a 1-click registration, a special URL provided to select individuals, a streamlined experience for mobile devices and an abbreviated registration for on-site registrations. All of which are designed to encourage registrations and create a positive experience for participants.

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RaceDay Scoring Certification Refresh

This recorded webinar is perfect for timers who wish to get quick training on RaceDay Scoring or a refresher on RaceDay Scoring setup process. This is a shortened version of the full certification course and walks timers through the basics of how to score endurance events with RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring solution.

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Email V2.0 Introduction

The following provides an introduction to RunSignup’s Email V2.0 solution. Event organizers can easily use all the great new capabilities to create professional emails. Easy-to-use templates help give starting points for designing emails and advanced data replacement tags like QR codes and links to photos help take things to the next level. This helpful webinar walks through all you need to know to put Email V2 to use whether you are sending transactional emails with existing engaged participants or marketing emails to help encourage registrations.

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The State of the Industry: 2022 RaceTrends Report is Here!

Our annual RaceTrends Report is here, breaking down the participation numbers and industry trends from 2022 to help you make better predictions and more successful decisions in 2023. You can access the full report below or watch the recorded webinar for a…

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How to Use RunSignup’s Photo Platform

One of the many FREE tools events using RunSignup can take advantage of is RunSignup’s RaceDay Photo platform. Events can improve the race experience by providing an elevated experience with free photos that are integrated with their personal race results. You can…

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The Advantage of Fundraising

Below is a recorded webinar on The Advantage of Fundraising. This session offers some valuable information on how fundraising can help increase revenue and registrations and how to take advantage of these tools within your RunSignup dashboard. Specific topics covered include: Below…

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Why Every Race Should Consider Adding Teams

Below is a recorded webinar recently held that covered the benefits of offering team/group registration options and examples of how this can be deployed using RunSignup’s features and tools available to our customers. If you are wanting to increase registrations, teams are…

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Webinar Recap: Carbon Neutral Race Production

Join our guest speaker, Porter Bratten from Orca Running and Evergreen Trail Runs, to learn more about what it means for a race organization to go carbon neutral – or at least, reduce your carbon footprint. He covers: Porter is not an expert in the…

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Webinar Recap: RaceTrends Review

Our annual RaceTrends Report is here, breaking down the participation numbers and industry trends in 2021 to help you make better predictions and more successful decisions in 2022. We’ll be breaking down the numbers in a series of blogs over the next…

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