Webinar Recap: Carbon Neutral Race Production

Join our guest speaker, Porter Bratten from Orca Running and Evergreen Trail Runs, to learn more about what it means for a race organization to go carbon neutral – or at least, reduce your carbon footprint. He covers:

  • Why he chose to take on the goal of carbon neutrality for his events
  • New products and policies to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Buying carbon offsets
  • Tools to help you estimate the carbon footprint for your event
  • Additional resources you can use to put together your own plan

Porter is not an expert in the field of carbon reduction, but he is an expert in what it’s like to be a “regular” event director trying to evaluate and research the options for reducing an event’s carbon footprint, and he’s happy to answer questions from other events looking to do the same. If you have a follow-up for him, you can reach him at porter@blackfishventuresllc.com.

Links to each of the tools and resources mentioned can be found in the slides below.

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