Ticket Revenue for Timers

Using TicketSignup to Add Tickets to Race Related Events

Timers have an opportunity to easily add ticket revenue to their business with minimal effort using RunSignup’s TicketSignup technology. Most events timers are already working with offer other types of events that use tickets to facilitate payments to attend or experience an event. This gives timers an advantage over others since they have that existing established relationship and are a proven resource to the event organizers. Timers using RunSignup technology have the added advantage of familiarity with RunSignup’s technology and will find the TicketSignup solution to be very similar and easy to use.

Part One: Ticket Revenue

Below is the first part of a recorded webinar that covers how timers can easily increase revenue by offering tickets. Bryan Jenkins talks through the ways timers can generate income through ticket partner fees, automated custom fees for services provided like marketing or on-site services, and volume pricing.

Examples of ways we are seeing Timers offer tickets to events include:

  • Festivals at track meets and cross country events
  • Festivals like music or food related events that are tied to an endurance event
  • Holiday events tied to races
  • Non profit events with non profit organizations timers already work with on their race events
  • Paid-for parking at free race events
  • VIP events around a race
  • Spectator tickets at track meets and cross country events

Part Two: TicketSignup Introduction For Timers

Allison Bickel provides the next portion of the webinar and shares an overview and demo of the TicketSignup technology. The ticket business is different than registration where ticket events focus on the ticket purchase versus collecting information on registered participants. The ticket process is much faster, requiring less information and the backend set up is typically much more streamlined.

There are many components of the ticket set up process that timers will find to be very similar to RunSignup’s registration side of things. Though, there are differences in the nature of tickets and the technology is crafted to address these unique needs. Allison shares a demo of setting up ticket events and explores the varying elements such as multi day passes, varying prices, using the web builder, the store and point-of-sale options, reporting tools, timed ticketing, etc.

Part Three: EventDay App for Tickets and Point of Sale

The last section of the webinar covers the EventDay App for ticket events to process tickets and to sell merchandise on site. Similar to the RaceDay CheckIn app, this app is one that timers can set up on the backend and then have the event’s staff or volunteers use on event day or timers can offer on-site support as an additional service.

Matt Avery provides step-by-step guidance on how to set things up on the backend. This is combined with a helpful demo of using the product so that timers can fully see how the technology is used. The EventDay App is something your events will definitely appreciate for its efficiency in processing tickets and merchandise sales.

Timers Well Positioned

The ticket business is a fast growing business for RunSignup and is a natural complement to the endurance race industry. Timers are also well positioned to take advantage of the market adoption RunSignup is experiencing and can increase their revenue without investing in technology or resources. RunSignup’s ticketing team is here to help timers with gaining ticket business. So, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have an opportunity to grow your business with tickets!

If you’d rather watch the webinar in its entirety, here is the full recording.

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