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As discussed when we first announced Cover Pages, we are beginning to add live data components to cover pages. We have added three, with many more to come over the next two months:

  • Event Tiles – the squares that appear on a normal race or nonprofit ticket website now appear on your cover page.
  • Top Fundraisers
  • Social Sharing

You can see some of these live on The top of the page has the quick tiles that lead participants right into registering for one of your events. And since they are driven from your database, they show changes dynamically. No waking up at midnight to change the pricing on your WordPress website…

Top Fundraisers is also dynamic. If a fundraiser suddenly raises a bunch of money for your nonprofit, they rise up the ranks quickly. And don’t forget about how Facebook Fundraising works with this as well. When your fundraisers get a donation from a friend on Facebook, that automatically shows in their totals – inspiring them to raise more (and do it easily!). Here is a screenshot from Paws in the Park:

The Social Sharing section is also dynamic, and leads your participants to share your event with their friends via multiple social channels. This is perfect to put under your header image or towards the bottom of the page, like this example:

These components are easy to add. When you are adding a section to your cover page, simply select the Data option.

Then, select which component you want from what will be a growing list:

For example, pick event tiles and then you have flexibility to customize it with a title and background color:

These new elements add vibrancy to your website, and make it simple to maintain. Stay tuned for lots more cool stuff — as usual, all for free.

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