Store Added to Memberships

We have released the ability to have a stand alone store as part of the new Membership system. In the next couple of weeks this will be integrated into the purchase path for memberships, including options to offer items only to certain levels (only Gold gets the option to buy a special shirt) or to even bundle items with the purchase of a membership level (hoodie for all Platinum members).

We have an advanced store setup that is the same as what we have in the TicketSignup product, including a warehouse capability that we offer today in our TicketSignup product and hope to bring to Races in 2024. The power of this next generation store is that when we make an improvement it will automatically be available to all of our customers.

Here is the basic setup page in the dashboard:

Note there is the ability to have multiple variants. if that is chosen, you can set that up as shown below:

There is also inventory management and minimum and maximum number per order including at a variant level:

There is also the ability override the standard price on a per variant basis – in this example for large hats:

There are also other options like display settings as well as extra fees for things like shipping costs.

In combination with the warehouse capability to share items across events and membership types, the store is a very complete offering.

Future Store Enhancements

Short term (next few weeks), we will be making the store available during the membership purchase, as well as available as part of a bundle for certain membership levels (eg. Gold gets a free hat).

Mid term (in Q2 2024) we will be adding the capability for “calculated pricing” based on input fields. This is needed for the RRCA to move fully over to our membership platform to offer things like liability insurance and music licenses for events and clubs.

We also hope to integrate this store capability into our RunSignup Race Registration product in 2024 as well.

Long term, we will continue to build out options for the store as this is a strategic part of all of our offerings – race registration, tickets and membership.

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