Next Gen Memberships Going to Beta

We are very excited to have our Next Gen Membership platform going to Beta the week of January 22, 2024. We expect the general public release in another month or so after the Beta. The initial target in Q1 will be to provide a migration path for existing Running Clubs to upgrade to the new Membership platform. Since Importing members is not yet available, it is probably not ready for new customers until Q2.

You can learn more about the Next Gen Membership system from:

This is a list of features that are available now (in the beta next week) and what will be done by Quarter this year. This will of course vary depending on customer feedback and if we run into delays in our development (or successes and can move faster :-)).

NowFlexible Membership Levels and PricingDuration, Prorating, # of Members, Age, etc.
NowAutoRenewalWe save the credit card and will autorenew memberships and notify the customer if they need to update their credit card automatically.
NowMember Self ServeNew and easy way for members to find their membership with a link sent to their email. Today we allow for members to see their membership and manually renew. To come will be editing membership information, upgrading membership level.
NowFree Website V2Includes specific Membership components like Signup Tiles, Member list, Member Counts
NowFree Email V2Unlimited contacts and sends. Easy to have a saved email as a webpage and link in Member Website. This can be useful for having a webpage displaying links to all club newsletters.
NowMember EditingAdjust dates, names
NowSecure AccessGive different peope access to different parts of dashboard
NowWaivers V2Flexible waiver system (same as Races and Tickets)
NowCustom Member NumbersAllows for membership numbers autoassigned, from a custom pool as well as import membership numbers from legacy membership systems when moving to RunSignup
NowQuestionsAsk custom questions for memberships. To come is Time Data entry and questions per member and other smaller items in Q1
NowMembership, Member and Expiring Membership ReportsUses new TicketSignup flexbile reporting framework for custom reporting.
NowMembership and Member EditingEdit membership and member information like name, tye of membership, start and end date as a Director.
NowFinancial Reports
NowCoupons V2Uses coupon pools like Tickets that can be shared across events.
NowSales TaxWe do all sales tax calculation, collection and remittance for customers
NowStore SetupUses new Ticket store, which includes warehouse capability to share items with ticket events.
NowStore Bundle SetupBundle store items (like a shirt) when a membership is bought. Perfect for creating “gold” level types of memberships to include extra premiums.
NowMigration from ClubsMoves all membership levels, memberships and members over. Does not copy questions, website content, although you have access to legacy information to recreate in the new membership platform.
Q1Race and Ticket Discounts and Membership PurchasesLike we do in the old club system allow members to get a discount to race and ticket events. Also allow people signing up for events to buy a membership.
Q1StoreBased on the Ticket store that will eventually come to Races. Uses a shared warehouse concept, so can offer the same item in Membership and ticket events and late rin 2024 in races.
Q1NotificationsNew Notification framework for confirmation, renewal, etc.
Q1No Password and custom info collectionLighter weight joining like TicketSignup so no need to create an account and “logging into” your account is done via email link.
Q1Improve Website Components
Q1Membership reports to include Question Responses
Q1Edit Question Responses
Q2Membership Card and Apple Wallet
Q2ImportAbility to import single or bulk. This will be useful for new customers moving members from another system.
Q2Calculated Store ItemsCalculate custom amount based on parameters. This is for RRCA so a calculation for insurance coverage can be calculated based on race size. It will be done in a general way much like calculated fields in RaceDay Scoring so it can meet other needs.
Q2Customer Feedback Implemented
Q2Full refunds
Q2Autolink existing accounts
Q2Loyalty Tracking / Member Points
Q3Improved Membership API and Zapier integration
Q3Improved Membership self serveAbility for members to edit and manage things like info, questions, upgrade memberships, edit store purchases, etc.
Q3Newsletter / archives
Q3Sign up for 2 clubs at once
Q3Allow director approval of new members
Q3Preferred domain setting
Q4Age Based Pricing in Membership
Q4Complimentary guest passesAllow members to generate guest passes. Include ability to limit the number of guest passes per time period.
Q4Complimentary add-onsBuy a membership and get a free drink at the next event you attend.
Q4Ticket / Race Pre sales for membersVIP registration periods for members
Q4Club Membership Discount on Club Store Merchandise
Q4Club Membership Discounts – Based on Membership Type

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