RunSignup Joins Race Directors Hub as a Community Partner

We’re joining with Race Directors Hub, the thriving endurance industry forum from the online resource Race Directors HQ, as a Community Partner to the Facebook group!

The group was launched by Race Directors HQ editor Panos Gonos in October 2017 and has grown into Facebook’s largest online community of race directors and race management professionals.

We’re excited about becoming a Community Partner for a very simple reason: we’ve been in the group, and think it’s valuable to the community. The best education in the industry is from knowledge sharing from working in the industry, and it’s great to see a group embrace the idea of pooling their experience to improve all their events. And we appreciate that the group’s moderator has a sense of humor, as evidenced by the picture of us that he selected for the announcement (above)!

Over the next few months, we’ll try to share some of our knowledge with the group, too. We’ll be kicking off that effort with a February 26th webinar reviewing the takeaways from our annual RaceTrends report.

If you’d like to join us – and more importantly, the thousands of race directors already connected within the group, you can join the Race Directors Hub here:

For more information on the Community Partnership, you can find the press release on Endurance Sportswire here:

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