Corral Management System Updates

With the increasing need for corral management to increase safety during COVID restrictions and limit the number of people in a given time, corral management has become very important. We have updated our Corral Management System to make the existing functions easier to understand and use since more and more races are using them.

Now when you navigate to RaceDay Tools > Corrals > Set Up Corrals, you will be presented with a few clear options to choose from.

New Corral Setup Page

Prior to this update, you would be directed to the setup page, with a lot of options, settings, and buttons to other functions all on one page that could be pretty intimidating.

Old Corral Setup Page

We have broken out the Corral Setup so that you can build the Corrals themselves on one page (Corral Builder), and configure their assignment rules and set up Estimated Finish Time questions on another (Corral Event Settings).

Corral Builder

Adding a new Corral

Corral Event Settings

You can use this page to set up how participants are assigned to a Corral.

Corral Report

The Corral Report gives you easier access to our existing Corral Report that used to only be accessible within the Corral Size Estimator tool.

We’ve also added in some really handy links to other areas of the Dashboard that are related to Corrals.

Corral Settings for Participants

The Corral Settings for Participants link goes to the Participant Management Settings page for Corrals, allowing you to easily allow Participants to update their Corral Assignments.

Corral Settings for Bib Assignment

The Corral Settings for Bib Assignment link goes to the Bib Assignments page, where you are able to set up Bib Assignments at Registration Time to be distributed based on the Corral selection of the Registrant.

Display Corrals on Participant List & Results

The Display Corrals on Participant List & Results link goes to the Participant Display page, where you can decide which data is displayed to the public, participants, and team captains. You may want to make Corral assignments visible to some or all of these groups.

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