RunSignup RaceDay Suite Demo

At RunSignup’s recent Summer Symposium we showcased many of the products available to our customers. Below is a look at some of our RaceDay Suite products, including RaceDay Registration, RaceDay CheckIn, RaceDay Scoring, and RaceDay Results. Check out this recording where Kevin Lai walks through a quick demo of these products.

RaceDay Registration

Kevin shows us the on-site registration using RunSignup’s RaceDay Registration product:

  • Quick registration within 30-45 seconds
  • Easily register multiple people
  • Sign waivers and select giveaways
  • Set up tracking notifications

RaceDay CheckIn, Bib Pickup

Next is using the RaceDay CheckIn app to:

  • Search for registration in app or with QR code scanning
  • Dynamically assign bib numbers
  • Scan QR code on bibs to automatically assign bib numbers
  • Use label printing feature for things like distributing bib numbers to a group or family

RaceDay Scoring

RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring product provides Timers with an advanced solution for an essential part of delivering a race day experience. Kevin shows us a simulation of:

  • Chip reads crossing start and finish
  • Display of official chip time

RaceDay Results

Events can also provide real-time easy access to scored results using kiosks at the race site:

  • Search by bib number to find results
  • Provides immediate access to chip time and gun time

More Information

If you would like more information on how you take take advantage of these products and features, check with your Timer or contact your RunSignup Account Manager. You can also find out a host of informative webinars on RunSignup’s Youtube page.

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