Rowan University: Leaderboard Field Experience Project

December 2022

We just completed the sponsorship of another successful project with students from Rowan University.   Two teams of students enrolled in the Computer Field Experience Course took part in an intensive 12 week hands-on project building a solution using the RunSignup API.

The students operated completely independant as a “software services vendor” gathering requirements and building a working software solution.  Senior members of RunSignup Matt Avery and Bruce Kratz served as the “customer” clarifying requirements, coaching and giving feedback on iterative designs.  Neil Toporski was the professor of the class.

The project given to the students to solve was an improvement on our Live Leaderboards.  Live leaderboards have become an important part of the race day experience, allowing athletes and spectators to view race results in real-time on large screen displays at the finish area.  However, many race locations suffer from intermittent or weak internet connections making a leaderboard from our web application cumbersome.  The Live Leaderboard project was designed to be a standalone app that can be easily installed on any device and would continue to work even when the internet connection becomes spotty.  

Both teams used a similar design approach and technologies:

Electron – a cross platform container for desktop applications

React – A javascript framework for building user interfaces

SQLite – A small embeddable relational database

RunSignup API – The public API from RunSignup giving the app access to race result data

The Teams

Team 2 “Daddy Long Legs”

Left to Right:

Jonathan White (Developer)

Andy Pham (Developer)

Mike Cipolla (Scrum Master)

Matthew Sky (Product Owner)

Brian Penot- Not in Photo (Developer)

Team 4  “Capybara”

Left to Right:

Gurneet Singh (Developer)

Chris Paul Dragone (Developer)

Ethan Elliot (Scrum Master)

Kunal Bondani (Product Owner)

John Huynh (Developer)

Christopher White (Developer)

Matt Avery – RunSignup Product Manager explaining the requirements on day 1


Both apps are available as open source and can be freely used and/or modified.  Please contact for access to the source code and all design materials.  

Here are some screenshots from both apps:

Display Options Screen 

Scrolling Leaderboard

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